How to show the battery percentage on your iPhone?

There are three different ways to view an estimate of the remaining battery life on iOS: the status bar, the control center, or a widget.

With iOS 16, Apple reintroduces the display of the remaining battery percentage on the iPhone, five years after removing it. A novelty that delights some iPhone fans, who were tired of relying on a rough estimate.

How to check the remaining battery life on iPhone? In addition to this new option exclusive to iOS 16, there are other ways to do it. Numerama presents you with these different options.

Directly in the status bar

On iPhone without notch

From the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 8, passing through the iPhone SE, it is possible to view a percentage corresponding to the remaining autonomy of your iPhone to the left of the small battery-shaped logo (located at the top right). Meet in the app Settingsheading Battery and activate the option Percentage of battery. The indicator will then appear at the top right of the screen and will remain there permanently.

From the iPhone 3GS, Apple offers the battery percentage display. // Source: numerama

On iPhone with notch (iOS 16+)

Starting with the iPhone X, Apple’s smartphones have changed their design. Due to their notch, they have lost the ability to view the battery percentage in the status bar. However, if you are using iOS 16 or later, you can see the percentage in the battery logo. The procedure is the same, go to Settings, Battery is active Percentage of battery. In power saving mode, the option activates by itself.

IPhone X battery percentage
iOS 16 reports the battery percentage. // Source: numerama

Note that not all iPhones are eligible. The mini and iPhone XR and iPhone 11 versions, which have LCD screens, lack this feature.

From the control center

Since Apple removed the battery percentage from the status bar with the iPhone X, they moved it elsewhere. By swiping down from the top right corner of the screen, you can bring up the control center (this is where you manage the brightness, volume, and flashlight). In this space is the percentage of the battery, even if you have nothing activated.

Control center
The control center displays the battery percentage. // Source: numerama

With a widget on the home screen

Finally, last option: widgets. Since iOS 14, Apple has made it possible to customize their home screen with interactive tiles. To arrive there, press and hold your finger for a few seconds on the home screen to shake icons. Tap the + icon at the top leftfind the option Batteries and choose the one that suits you best. Then drag it to the main screento have your battery displayed in the center of your icons.

battery widget
Apple offers several battery widgets. You can also see the status of your Apple Watch or AirPods there. // Source: numerama

These tips also apply to iPad, but thanks to its larger screen, the tablet has enough space to display the full battery percentage in its status bar.

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