What is Space Pugs – NFT Collection on Cardano blockchain?

Space Pugs is a collection of 7,777 NFTs on the cardano blockchain, consisting of three collections: Space Pugs Alpha (SPA), Space Pugs Poker Club (SPPC) and Space Pugs Vox (SPV).

What are space pugs?

Space Pugs is an NFT project that includes three collections: Space Pugs Alpha (SPA), Space Pugs Poker Club (SPPC) and Space Pugs Vox (SPV). Space Pugs Alpha are a group of 7777 randomly created pugs living on the Cardan blockchain. This alpha project is the first of many Pug-related projects to emerge. 5000 Space Pugs Alphas were minted, and Pug owners received a free drop of 2500 Pugs. The team held 277 pugs for collaborations, marketing and giveaways.

Staking, minting, trading and holding other NFTs that generate passive income will provide passive income for all three collections. Passive income will be paid to SPA and SPV holders who meet the minimum requirements each month. This minimum requirement is currently set at 25 NFT, but may change as the project progresses. Royalties collected from secondary market sales for SPPC funding will be fully paid to SPPC holders.

What are the benefits of the Space Pugs alpha key?

  • Passive Income – Owners of 25 or more Space Pug Alpha NFTs will earn passive income through the Intel Pug division.
  • Staking – SPA holders will be able to stake their NFTs on the Mutant Dao platform and receive Pug Chips for use on the poker platform.
  • Role Benefits – SPA holders will receive Discord roles and privileges such as private channels, NFT giveaways, and contests for special features.
  • Genesis Whitelist – Owning a Space Pug NFT grants cardholders access to Poker Club, Vox Pugs and future drops.

What are Vox Pugs?

Space Pugs Vox is a collection of 7,777 algorithmically generated voxel-style NFTs. The minting of SPVs will result in a large stack of ADAs placed in a “War Chest” for CNFT investment purposes, with the aim of producing passive income for SPA and SPV collection holders.

When the Poker Club starts to be created, part of the profits will go towards building a War Chest. The Pug Intelligence Division will manage War Chests to generate revenue (PID). PID is a large group of cryptocurrency and NFT analysts who work together to generate revenue for holders. The Space Pugs team will determine the value of the portfolio at the end of each month.

For example, the wallet is worth 280 45 Ada and NFTs are worth 25,000 25,000. The profit would be $ 25,000, which would be split between eligible holders. If the initiative does not generate a profit of $ 25,000, the shortfall will be refunded from the wallet. The minimum profit they will pay to holders each month will be $ 10,000. The profit will be limited to $ 100,000. The team will evaluate how this works and consider increasing the limit if necessary. If they don’t make a profit, they’ll pay the owners $ 10,000 out of their own pockets.

Space Pugs Poker Club

With 15 additional CNFT projects, Space Pugs Poker Club is a new NFT initiative with 7,777 members. Each starting poker hand will be treated as a member of the Space Pugs Poker platform. Cardano Cards Club, a project founded by Hews, was acquired by Space Pugs. The team discovered this initiative and realized its enormous potential, so they reached out to Hews. After much thought, they decided to create the Space Pugs Poker Club.

poker platform

Space Pugs crew members are working hard to develop their platform. This promises to be the most exciting mint in the life of an NFT collector playing poker. Imagine hitting aces or kings in your favorite pocket, or even 72, because even the weakest poker hand needs utility.

NFT poker club

Poker Club NFT will serve as a member of the poker platform. Proceeds from secondary market transactions will be distributed monthly to qualifying holders.

  • Poker Entry – Pug Poker chips will be used to purchase entry to all poker games available on the platform.
  • Tournament Prize – A mint piece will be used to create a wallet. This portfolio will be staked to earn Ada passively and grow by buying and selling NFTs profitably. The wallet will be used to fund big prizes for poker tournaments. Additionally, the payment will be made in Pug Poker Chips.
  • Complete Hands: Complete hands must be created using the same blueprint. A Full Hand consists of two or three starting hands merged together; A holder needs three starting hands to make a Straight, Flush, Full House, Straight Flush or Royal Flush. Full houses can be made with two pair plus an additional card to form a set, or with two starting hands with the same face values ​​plus an additional card to form a set. When building Full Hands, standard poker rules apply.


Space Pugs is a collection of 7,777 NFTs on the cardano blockchain, and profiting from these NFTs can be difficult. However, the excellent team of project analysts in the Pug Intelligence division makes it easy. In addition, they will monitor all initiatives and opportunities.

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