What is Wombat – NFT and Web3 Gaming Platform?

Wombat is a Web 3.0 gaming platform that allows players to monetize their playing time and achievements and turns NFT ownership into a social experience that can be shared with friends and colleagues. Through the vast ecosystem of traditional AA / AAA titles and NFT games, Wombat connects the exciting world of Web 3.0 with games that are popular with gamers and game developers around the world.

What is Wombat?

Wombat is an open Web3 gaming platform launched in June 2019. The project aims to simplify the integration of traditional players into the Web3 gaming space. Wombat is striving to become the leading social gaming platform and its efforts have seen it amass over 2.6 million users to date. The Wombat platform combines the best features of Web2 and Web3 by integrating NFT into AA and AAA titles from leading game publishers. Wombat currently offers over 40 games from 20 publishers. The best platformers include Dice Dreams, Vikings, World of Tanks, Mech Arena, and Raid: Shadow of Legends.

Players on Wombat can experience new games with cryptocurrency or NFT engines. They can also store, manage, transfer and interact with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, players can share their game progress and NFT with their friends or gaming community. Additionally, Wombat allows players to trade, lend, stake or trade their cryptocurrencies and NFTs for fiat currencies on major third-party exchanges or markets.

The overall goal of the Wombat Web 3 gaming platform is to become an NFT-based social gaming experience (“The Wombatverse”). In this Wombatverse, users can act and react on NFTs that they or their friends own and transact with, customize the appearance of their avatars and apps, and share their game achievements and progress with the outside world. With the growing interest in play-to-win games, there is still a lack of easy integration and discovery solutions for everyday gamers. Wombat is the place that brings millions of players from Web 2 to Web 3, providing the smoothest NFT experience at the intersection of two worlds.

How does Wombat work?

The Wombat platform supports nine blockchain networks. These are Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Heco, WAX, EOS and Telos. To improve the user experience, Wombat covers transaction costs on networks such as EOS, WAX and Telos. In addition, the platform allows the creation of free user-oriented accounts and the automatic saving of private keys. For players who want more upfront benefits, Wombat is introducing a monthly subscription model called Wombat Prime.

Wombat Prime allows subscribers to sign 10 times more transactions per day on EOS, WAX and Telos. The Wombat app, available on Android, iOS and Chrome platforms, is the heart of the Wombat ecosystem. Inside the app is a dApp Explorer, which allows users to interact with dApps running on any of the above blockchain networks.

Additionally, the app has an NFT gallery to view and integrate NFT functions. Another crucial feature of the Wombat app is the Womplay Game Rewards system, which allows players to earn crypto and NFT rewards by playing. Notably, this system rewards Wombat players for playing both traditional and Web3 games. The platform also offers Wombat Dungeon Master, a mini-game where participants can use NFTs issued by Wombat or Womplay to earn additional rewards. Players must lock digital collectibles in the game to unlock rewards.

open platform

All web 2 gaming platforms, as well as most web 3 gaming platforms such as Steam, Epic Store, Mythical or Gala Games, are built as closed ecosystems (using proprietary technologies, APIs, private blockchains, or not allowing access to private keys). In contrast, Wombat has been designed and operated in an open way, making it the only Web 3 gaming platform with a large user base and full access to Web 3 interoperability. This means that players can:

  • Access and play any open web 3 game ecosystem of your choice
  • Trade NFTs on the markets of your choice
  • Export your private keys to keep safekeeping of your game assets.

advantage for the players

Wombat is the perfect gateway to Web 3 for gamers. Compared to other solutions in space, Wombat has the advantage thanks to:

  • Seamless integration The smoothest integration on the Web 3, based on proven UX best practices. It looks familiar, costs nothing, and allows players to experience curated content right from the start.
  • All games in one app With Wombat, players have access to a wide range of fun, high-quality games. On a meta level, even using Wombat itself feels like a game, thanks to simplified gamification.
  • Wombat Multidimensional Gameplay Experiences allows players to take their achievements and rewarded loot beyond a specific game. With multiple reward and utility tiers enabled by Dungeon Master, Womplay, or the WOMBAT Token, no game really ends.

Advantage for game creators

Games can be promoted on Wombat and thus be exposed to a huge initial user base. Thanks to its traction, Wombat can secure tens of thousands of players within the first few weeks of signing up. Auxiliary Services Wombat provides additional services.

FIAT on / off ramp, NFT trading on proprietary and third party markets with white label functionality, token exchange and wallet backup, NFT creation tools for creators, influencers and distributors to create their own NFTs and a Wombat portal for reading autonomous lists. Additional utility Wombat offers additional utility to NFT partners through its range of products and services. In particular, partner game NFTs can become recoverable in Dungeon Master.

Wombat app

The Wombat app was first released in June 2019 and has been downloaded over 1.5 million times on Android, iOS and Chrome platforms. Gamers have signed over 30 million supported blockchain transactions, and the Wombat app has been incorporated as a preferred login method by over 70 partner apps.

The Wombat app allows players to easily enter the world of blockchain-based gaming and its assets, which include backups of private keys, easy ways to manage and trade NFTs, entry and exit ramps from other regulated providers, and much more. At the time of this writing, Wombat supports the following blockchain networks:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • BNB channel
  • Avalanche
  • Ghost
  • heco
  • EOS
  • bone

Whenever possible, Wombat simplifies the experience when using these networks. This includes paying for network transaction costs (on networks like EOS, WAX, Telos), free account creation, and automatic user-driven private key backup.

The Wombat app currently has a monthly subscription model (“Wombat Prime”) which allows users to subscribe for 10 times more transactions per day on supported blockchain networks with free transactions than a non-subscriber user.

Wallet / Keys

The Wombat app acts as a non-custodial wallet for its users. Private keys are securely stored on the user’s device and can be retrieved and archived by the users themselves. In addition, the Wombat app provides automatic backup of the private key using the user’s Dropbox or GDrive account. The wallet portion of the Wombat app also serves as a place to store and manage cryptocurrencies across all supported blockchains, including ERC-20 tokens.

Dapp Explorer

The Wombat app includes a Dapp Explorer so that users can access and interact with decentralized applications (“Dapps”) on any supported blockchain network. This is achieved through support for open authentication standards such as Web3, Scatter or Anchor. This makes the resources stored in Wombat automatically interoperable with all Dapps that support those resources.

NFT Gallery

Wombat includes its own space to view and perform basic interactions with NFTs on blockchain networks – the NFT Gallery. The NFT Gallery serves as a central inventory of NFTs and their value. It also allows users to transfer or save NFTs (if allowed by NFT) or put them for sale on a standard market (at the time of writing, OpenSea or AtomicHub).

Download the app here:

WOMBAT token

WOMBAT is the native token of the Wombat protocol. The token slides across multiple chains, increasing its and Wombat’s usefulness. Spielworks initially lied to WOMBAT about Ethereum with a supply of 10 billion tokens. However, the company intends to use bridges such as Polygon to enable fast and cheap WOMBAT transactions.

WOMBAT’s primary use is to support in-app payments. Additionally, the Wombat platform rewards players who participate in community activities with WOMBAT. The token is also elementary in VIP staking. Stackers enjoy VIP benefits such as higher earnings, exclusive access to resources and NFTs, better odds on NFT releases, discounts, and more. WOMBAT holders can also vote on certain parameters of Wombat’s upcoming NFT market. Additionally, token holders can vote on certain development decisions within the Wombat ecosystem.

Where to buy the WOMBAT token?

The WOMBAT token can be purchased on several major cryptocurrency exchanges, some of the largest of which are: Bitget, MEXC and KuCoin

Wombat Price Prediction (WOMBAT)

The price of Wombat is expected to reach a high of $ 0.0261 throughout 2022. According to our Crypto Price Prediction Index, in 2023, the price of Wombat (WOMBAT) could reach a maximum level of $ 0.0503, with a average trading price of 0.0374 USD. According to our Crypto Price Prediction Index, in 2025, WOMBAT is expected to exceed an average price level of $ 0.0606.

The low expected price of the Wombat at the end of the current year is expected to be $ 0.0560. Furthermore, WOMBAT can reach a maximum price level of $ 0.0618. The price of Wombat is likely to reach as low as possible of $ 0.0536 in 2030. According to our Crypto Price Prediction Index, the price of WOMBAT could reach a possible high of $ 0.0989, with an expected average price of $ 0.0745.


Most web3 gaming platforms use wallets like Metamask which are not suitable for gaming. However, Wombat sets itself apart by offering users a non-custodial wallet. This wallet stores a user’s private keys on their device. Alternatively, users can retrieve their private keys and store them elsewhere. The Wombat app backs up details about a user’s Dropbox or GDrive accounts to ensure security.

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