Roblox’s tricks trick the developer into pulling out a popular battle royale

Citing issues with Roblox’s cheats,, the development team behind two of the platform’s most popular games, announced on August 13 that it had decided to retire its new Battle game. Royale, Rift Royale, from the metaverse platform.

In a statement shared via Discord and first reported by the Roblox_RTC Twitter accounta Discord user named Liam explained the surprise arrest in an announcement titled “Rift Prototype is Shut Down”.

“Unfortunately, Rift doesn’t work on Roblox,” the statement read. “We have put a lot of effort into trying to work within the borders of Roblox to create a fantastic competitive game. Unfortunately, what we want to do is not possible on Roblox. Roblox forces us to choose between having cheats or being delayed. We will focus on creating games that everyone can enjoy.

Rift Royale, a Fortnite-inspired battle royale game launched in May and entered a June public beta. During its time on Roblox, the game has amassed over 76,000 likes and 21 million hits. However, cheaters have also poured into the game – a Google search shows many companies advertising hacks for the game, including aimbots and wall hack scripts.

This is the second time that the development team, known for successful Roblox games BedWars and Islands, has chosen to retire one of its games from the platform. Earlier this year, he added Prop Hunt to Roblox before shutting it down a few weeks after launch. In this case, the team didn’t mention cheating, they just said the developers weren’t happy with the game itself.

Either way, the Roblox developers’ struggle to combat cheating in their games seems to be an ongoing problem.’s challenges with dealing with cheaters echo the feelings of Hutch, a Roblox developer who recently shared his frustration trying to build a competitive game on the platform.

“It’s exhausting and demoralizing to deal with exploiters all the time,” Hutch shared via the Roblox developer forums earlier this month. “The fun I get from game development on Roblox doesn’t even begin to outweigh the personal exhaustion my moderation teams and I face. “

If Roblox wants to get rid of its child-only platform identity, the difficulties of developers to develop serious competitive games on the platform could be a problem. As children who play video games get older and learn to handle competitive play, they often become more interested in competitive multiplayer games. While they expect a level playing field when competing against their peers, hackers can quickly ruin what could otherwise be a great gaming experience.As a result, players can switch to competitive multiplayer games with fewer hacking problems, like Fortnite.

Also, while developers can fix the cheat issue in their games, it’s not a viable solution if it causes the game itself to run suboptimal. Any anti-cheat measure that causes a game to perform poorly will frustrate the player base with glitches, unregistered hits, crashes, and many other problems.

Roblox did not specifically address this issue. However, the company is constantly pushing updates to address exploits such as the recent auto-ban exploit, which caused innocent players to lose access to their accounts simply by visiting some Roblox games.

It’s a huge demand for Roblox’s in-house team to manage cheats in a way that can account for every use case across its 40 million games. In any case, it may be time for the company to re-evaluate its internal systems for managing cheaters and exploits. Roblox may invest in more sophisticated developer tools, additional precautions against duplicate accounts, or other measures. Ultimately, ensuring competitive integrity would allow older players to better connect with the platform.

Although Rift Royale has disappeared, there are still many great Roblox games to try. Our list of the best Roblox games in 2022 includes some of our favorites, and if you are still using the platform, you may want to check out our list of Roblox promo codes for August and get some new music with our Roblox music codes for August. .

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