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Women are wronged in the metaverse. Yet the fairer sex should represent a significant quotient of users. The sectors that affect the female world are not sufficiently developed on the web3. A massive education of the fair sex on the subject should also change the situation.

Analysts estimate a metaverse market valuation at $ 50.37 billion in 2026. As for the fashion industry, the metaverse, which would be one of the sectors that should most interest women, is expected to develop a 6.61 billion market. dollars between 2021 and 2026.

Bringing more women into the metaverse could be a Revolution. Ideally, the target should arrive before 2026.

An unknown land

The FQ and EWG conducted the survey and the results tell us that the metaverse is relatively uncharted territory for women. Currently, 24% of the women surveyed do not understand the metaverse. Subsequently, 62% know next to nothing about non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

It should be noted that the best projects the metaverse revolves around NFTs.

Accessibility to the metaverse is problematic

Access to the metaverse is also a problem. Statistics show that 33% of women believe they do not have a good enough internet connection to integrate into the metaverse. On the other hand, 36% of metaverse providers feel industry education is lacking.

Women can influence the market

FQ CEO Shelley Zalis believes major fashion brands won’t find better users than women for their platform. According to Shelley Zalis, 86% of purchasing decisions are made by women. It would be great chance for the brands listed in the metaverse to raise awareness among the fairer sex in this case.

Targeting needs to be improved

To bring more women into the metaverse, we will need to work on targeting. Women are particularly attracted to the aesthetics of the platforms. A poorly organized platform attracts few female spectators. Metaverse developers need to work on this aesthetic problem if big brands are hoping to target well.

However, you will really need to know what women are looking for in the metaverse. Industry scholars dictate that only women involved in the Metaverse can reveal this secret. It would therefore be time to recruit more women on the web3.

Why should the metaverse take women more?

So far we believe that the metaverse is particularly aimed at men. Yes, most of the metaverse activity is aimed at a male audience. Nevertheless, the entry of fashion and aesthetics into the metaverse will change the situation. Before long, the metaverse will target women more than men.

Change must be made now if fashion and aesthetics in the metaverse are to develop a successful market. Of course, integration can be done by massive training on the subject and improving accessibility to the metaverse.

Despite the statistics and guesswork, women are already present in the metaverse.


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