FC Barcelona and Real Madrid juggle the web3

The metaverse is now known to be the new yard for new business. This digital universe allows you to make money through cryptocurrencies and NFT transactions. Recognizing the growing need to diversify their revenue streams, the famous sports clubs of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are entering this new market and launching various opportunities for their fans.

The metaverse: a necessity for the world of sport

Due to Covid, the world of sport has suffered enormous losses, some of the consequences of which are still palpable today. The absence of competitions in Europe in 2020 and the extension of closed-door matches in Spain seriously disrupted the earnings of sports clubs, including that of Cristiano Ronaldo. To finance his activities, the FC Barcelona club had to sell part of his image rights.

Thanks to the metaverse, these no-match issues could no longer impact their business. The clubs, in fact, will be able to count on their fans and on the virtual world continue their business, make profits and finance their activities, including transfer windows. An opportunity also for the followers of these clubs to acquire NFT of their idols.

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid: entry on the web3

To cope with the losses to have other sources of income, the 2 sports clubs: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have filed a common trademark application in the metaverse. In the world of sport they are not the first to launch on the web3, the National Football League has already invested in play-to-earn.

Thanks to this action, these 2 clubs are now precursors and can, among other things, sell tickets via NFT, sell NFT collectibles and even market ready-to-wear. note that PSG is also gradually launching into the web3 try their hand at the NFT box office during their recent summer tour in Japan.

soccer web3

The cryptocurrency universe is gaining more and more followers

If before the term “cryptocurrency” was reserved for certain categories of people, today it is on everyone’s lips. Both in online games and for shopping, transactions in this virtual currency they are increasingly practiced by mere mortals.

In addition to clubs, players also embark on adventure, like Kylian Mbappé who invests in play-to-earn. We have to believe that the influence effect also plays an important role in promoting the metaverse. In fact, with more and more celebrities offering their work on web3, fans have no choice but to follow them.

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are not the first to enter the metaverse. Artists, actors and even states are today the pioneers of this new virtual ecosystem of infinite possibilities. Although the risks are still significant, more and more investors want to seize the opportunity of a new business opportunity.


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