MasterCard partners with Binance to bring cryptocurrencies to 90 million businesses

We know that MasterCard has taken the cryptocurrency industry very seriously for some time. And the company’s CEO, Michael Miebach, just confirmed the payment service’s excessive ambitions.

MasterCard plans to expand its cryptocurrency services

MasterCard’s CEO talked about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in a LinkedIn post. He considers it the potential of the blockchain can be “unlocked” if it becomes easier to access and use. According to him, these are routine purchases, which would be facilitated by his company.

We partner with Binance to enable people to use their own cryptocurrencies to make purchases in over 90 million stores that accept Mastercard.

The two giants had in fact recently joined forces to offer the Binance Card in Argentina. The idea is to extend these services around the world in the end. All merchants in the MasterCard network could therefore indirectly accept cryptocurrencies from their customers, paying in fiat.

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Spend at over 60 million merchants

8% cashback in BNB for each expense

The company is definitely taking the blockchain turn

For Michael Miebach, the blockchain industry will be well established within five years. A position he had already adopted last spring. When prompted whether the SWIFT interbank service will still exist in five yearshe simply replied “no”.

However, such a clear positioning of MasterCard in favor of cryptocurrency and blockchain it is obviously a very strong signal of trust. As the “cryptocurrency winter” drags on, it can be seen that enthusiasm for the underlying technology has not particularly diminished.

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Source: Michael Miebach via LinkedIn

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