“Metaverse” Cryptocurrency: What You Need to Know About The Sandbox (SAND) – Reviews, Analysis and Predictions 2022

The Sandbox is a set of decentralized metaverse games launched below Ethereum, but who migrates polygon. The platform allows users to design and monetize their virtual reality NFTs without having to code. Its native cryptocurrency is SAND. Sales of plots in this metaverse exceeded $ 211 million!

The price of the Sandbox (SAND): what is the current price?

Here is the course live from The Sandbox.

The essential to know The sandbox

Creation of the crypto SAND

The Sandbox was launched by two Frenchmen Sébastien Borget and Arthur Madrid. The platform is now based in Hong Kong and is run by game publisher Pixowl of which he is co-founder. Arthur is the managing director and Sébastien, the director of operations.

How does The Sandbox work?

The building blocks of The Sandbox game are 3D pixels called voxels: this name is not exclusive to The Sandbox project; refers to the development of virtual reality. In The Sandbox, users use the free VoxEdit program to create their own voxel play experiences that fit together like legos.

To purchase textures in the game and build on them, you will need SAND in your wallet. All assets are acquired using SAND tokens.

SAND is also a governance token. SANG holders will have the privilege of voting on governance choices, such as feature prioritization, after the launch of The Sandbox’s DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in 2022. SAND owners have the option to vote personally or delegate your voting privileges to other players.

Crypto SAND : our opinion and forecast for 2022

  • The Sandbox Mirror Mag Global Rating: 8/10

Opinion on the project The sandbox

The Sandbox builds on the success of popular similar games like Minecraft. And the evolutionary side of the blockchain will allow the project to add more functionality.

Price volatility warning

The price of SAND / USD is quite stable relative to the market.

Price prediction of SAND middle term

Early 2022 downtrend confirmed. The reversal point could be around $ 2.4.

Price prediction of SAND long term

As the number of users of The Sandbox increases, the demand for the SAND cryptocurrency will increase and prices will rise. SAND price highs around $ 8 are a long-term goal.

Bottom line: should you invest in The Sandbox encryption?

SAND powers a game that could become very popular in the next few years after the metaverse boom.

Useful resources for investing The sandbox (SAND)

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