Neteller, the hassle-free online payment method

The creation of online casinos nowadays leads many players to opt for reliable payment methods to be able to carry out their transaction easily. Of these, Neteller, which also operates in Canada, is one of the most popular methods of transferring funds to an online casino. Being accessible to everyone on the web, this transfer method is accessible internationally. To use Neteller and play easily from your mobile, find out how it works here

How to use Neteller at a Canadian online casino?

The use of the electronic wallet necessarily implies the creating a Neteller account of the user. To play at the casino with Neteller, you must first go to the website and click on “register” or “register for free”. Then enter your email address and then choose your place of residence in Canada. As for the currency section, mention the CAD and complete your personal data (surname; name; date and place of birth). Once the registration of personal data is completed, the password is created. To strengthen the security of your account, choose three questions that you and only you can answer. To this end, it is recommended that you write down in a notepad or print a copy of the questions so as not to forget them.

In addition to this step, you agree to Neteller’s terms of use and press continue. Subsequently, Neteller’s technical operators will send you your login to your account via the email address. These will also give you the secure Neteller ID card that you will need to use to make cash withdrawals and deposits at a Canadian casino. With all your documents ready, your account details are then accessible. You can then make your first deposit into your account and play at the casino with the Neteller payment method.

Deposit money into a Neteller account

There are several methods for depositing money into your Neteller account. Among these methods, some are free while others require a fee based on a certain percentage. Speaking of free deposit strategies, wire transfer is one of them. On the other hand, Visa debit cards; Visa and MasterCard credit cards are subject to charges.

Withdrawing money from a Neteller account

the withdraw money from the neteller account it can be done in several ways. First, you can withdraw cash from an ATM with your Neteller card. You also have the option to withdraw via Member Wire where the money will be virtually sent to your bank account. The transfer can take from 2 to 11 days. It is also obvious to withdraw by bank check which will be sent to your dealership. The use of Bank Transfer and Merchant Sites credit cards is free, while those of Socio Transfer and Bank Transfer are subject to a fee.

Deposit and withdraw funds at a Neteller casino

The methods of deposit of funds in an online casino using the Neteller payment method they are identical. In fact, you need to log into your casino account and go to the “Technical Operations” section. Then tap on the “Deposit” tab and choose the Neteller payment method from the menu. After choosing the payment method, enter the login credentials of your Neteller account. Then you specify the amount you wish to deposit.

To withdraw money from Canadian online casinos that choose Neteller as their payment method, follow these instructions:

  • Tap the “Bank” option;
  • Click on the “Withdrawal” tab;
  • Tap Neteller in the withdrawal methods directory;
  • Specify the amount to be withdrawn and finally
  • Tap “Withdraw” to complete the transaction.

With these steps you can then deposit or withdraw money through your Neteller payment operator. Speaking of the benefits of this payment method, it is obvious to withdraw your winnings and choose to transfer to a bank account for 5 and 10 Euros. It should be noted that this payment method guarantees withdrawals and deposits of real money without making a credit card transaction.

Other uses of Neteller

Neteller is an ideal option to fund your casino account and allows you to play games such as: blackjack; scratch card games; on the casino cresus; turtle casino etc. It is recommended by several online casinos which grant internet users an exclusive promotion. Remember that it is most recommended on any online casino application. For this, players are supported to check the possible benefits that would result if they chose Neteller. Here are the best online casinos that tolerate this application. These are PartyPoker; Wild Sultan Casino; Lucky 8 Casino; Win Yes; Single casino; The agent runs the casino; Diamond Club VIP; Fortunato Luca; etc

Neteller also allows secure online transfers to physical stores. With the advent of technology, you can therefore make all kinds of purchases with Neteller.

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