the former executive warns about bots and the safety of social networks

While Elon Musk withdrew from his Twitter acquisition proposal also due to the significant presence of bots, a former senior executive of the company denounces the social network’s security problems. This resurgence of fake profiles is also being felt in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, through spam referencing scams, in response to discussion threads.

Twitter faces countless bots

Twitter is a widely used social network in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but the number of bots that abound greatly deteriorates the user experience. This amount of fake profiles is also the official reason that prompted Elon Musk to withdraw from his $ 44 billion acquisition deal.

So Peiter Zatko, ex corporate security manager, discusses the weaknesses of the platform. He claims Twitter wouldn’t unable to evaluate accurately how many bots are polluting the social network. On the other hand, it reports serious shortcomings regarding the security of user data.

He would then have started raising the alarm several months ago, which he would have done led to his dismissal last January. For its part, Twitter rather anticipates the poor professional performance of the interested party:

“Mr. Zatko was fired from his senior position on Twitter in January 2022 for his ineffective leadership and poor performance.”

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A complaint to government agencies

Last month Peiter Zatko sent a dossier to the United States Congress and federal agencies, in which he describes the details all Twitter failures in matters of safety. For example, too many people would have access to sensitive information.

According to him, in fact, one or more employees of the company would be part of it intelligence services of foreign governments.

It also claims that when a user deletes their account, the data is actually alone not deleted correctly.

The impact of this situation on cryptocurrencies

When it comes to the blockchain ecosystem, bots on Twitter are also a problem. As soon as a profile with even minimal reach publishes content related to cryptocurrencies, fake accounts comment almost instantly :

Twitter bot

Comments from fake Twitter profiles

The screenshot above shows for example spam comments on our Twitter feed. Obviously we are not an isolated case and that’s it by much of the crypto community. While for most users, these fraudulent links have no consequences, they can still redirect gullible people to scams.

These scams are aimed at mine cryptocurrencies to users. This may involve sending funds hoping to receive more than the amount transmitted or through a transaction signature giving permission to a fraudulent smart contract to empty our wallet. It is therefore advisable to inquire about good practices that limit these misadventures.

The lack of concrete action by Twitter on this issue highlights the limits of greater centralization. This could then become a godsend for social networks designed for Web3, as is the case, for example, with Lens Protocol, developed by the Aave teams.

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Source: CNN Business

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