Amiens SC launches digital cards in the form of NFT in collaboration with the Sorare platform

On Thursday 25th August, Amiens SC announced that they have signed a partnership with Sorare, like 10 other Ligue 2 clubs. The NFT platform will soon launch digital cards with the image of Amiens players.

The information was supposed to remain secret until Friday, August 26, but it was lose before the hour. Several Ligue 2 clubs, including Amiens CS, to have has signed an “exclusive” partnership with So rare.

Therefore, Amiens players will now be part of the purchasable and collectible digital cards on the platform of NFT. A partnership that’s part of digital development, the club said in a press release:For Amiens CSassociated with So rare represents a unique opportunity to gain visibility with over two million football fans from all over the world already registered on the platform, while offering a new experience to fans already accustomed to attending the stands of the Stade Crédit Agricole la Licorne.

Launched in 2019, So rare is a French platform from NFT. She combines collection of digital cards, “fantasy football” and trading. It is not clear ? So imagine the cards P.anini of your childhood. But virtual this timeand with a specific rarity level (from most common to legendary).

On the platform you become the manager of a virtual football team that will have to win matches (virtual again)against other managers like you. At the end of these, you get the cards, which you can put up for auction.

The monetary value of each of your cards scales based on the actual performance of the players. Therefore, if a player has a bad season or gets injured, the price of the card will be devalued. Conversely, if the player scores in each of his games, the card will increase in value. Last June, a unique card from Kylian Mbappé sold for no less than 415 € 000. The speculative aspect should therefore not be overlooked.

French technology So rare it attracts football fans, collectors and investors. Since its inception, the company has signed partnerships with more than 200 clubs. In September 2021, it broke the record for the largest fundraiser ever in France with 680 million dollars.

In the digital field, the acronym NFT it has been used regularly for a few years and more in the past few months. It means “non-fungible token” (No fungible token in English). This designates a digital file with a certificate of authenticity identifiable thanks to the blockchain. This allows you to create a rarity, a value for a virtual “good”.

For today’s technology NFT it is mainly used in the field of art, in order to authenticate a virtual work. This is often criticized for its environmental cost (most transactions use the blockchain Ethereumcurrently very energy-intensive) and the vast speculation surrounding it.

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