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These last decades have been strongly marked by great technological progress. Internet, social networks, virtual world, these terms are now at the center of everyday life. Try different looks effortlessly, find yourself with your family anywhere in the world without moving and live every moment to the fullest, all this is possible thanks to the arrival of the metaverse. But what are the challenges for companies?

Use and benefits of the metaverse

You may have already read or listened to the famous novels “Ready player one” or “Snow crash”. These science fiction texts tell about life in a world parallel to ours, but online. Additionally, social networking giant Facebook actively promotes the values ​​and benefits of this virtual reality platform. Which earned him the change of name to META. In fact, the metaverse is an augmented reality (AR) platform. This allows its users to fully immerse themselves in this universe through personalized avatars or holograms.

Health crises linked to COVID have led companies to enter an era in which interpersonal communication takes place on screens. This lifestyle can be enhanced and perpetuated thanks to the metaverse where we can recreate the atmosphere in business. Virtual training could be more rewarding and less expensive in terms of accommodation and travel.

The marketing aspect is also gaining momentum. In fact, every internet user’s avatar needs to be dressed up and personalized. This is where designer accessories, clothing or bags come into play. Product placement techniques will be in the spotlight, there is no need for large advertising plates everywhere. The whole world could see your visibility repeatedly.

The different sales techniques and the customer experience are maximized. Publish a real online store where customers can endlessly test the products and services offered. The odds are endless. By putting on faster shows thanks to Metaverse, that was the case with Travis Scott in the Fortnite game with an audience of 12 million. The gaming platforms that gather millions of players throughout the day are a real gold mine.

The challenges for businesses

The entry of the web around the ’92 revolutionized all sectors. In particular, human relations and the means used. This has led companies to rethink their priorities and get into the gears of this moving train. With Metaverse, the digital and commercial world will be rocked.

Despite the proximity that Metaverse offers, the means to implement to access it are not given to all companies. In fact, you have to make a sizable investment to launch your products on the platform. This is the case of META which announced that it would hire more than ten thousand employees for this colossal project. Also, if you don’t specialize in this field, you should outsource the design of your digital products.

Competition is likely to be tough and unfair. Technological equipment is needed to access the metvers. Some tools are already available as a virtual reality viewer, the intelligent oculus quests for the augmented reality side. To maximize sensations, manual controllers are needed. For target customers, the necessary technological equipment is quite expensive. This risks being a brake on their profit, it would therefore be necessary for this cost to drop to have the target audience. Note that several large companies such as HTC, Sony, Apple are interested in Metaverse, not to mention the Fortinite game platforms, Roblox.

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