recruiting cryptocurrency and blockchain experts at the senate level

The Brazilian Senate wants to recruit experts with advanced knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, who will likely support it in drafting the legislation surrounding the nation’s nascent crypto industry.

Source: AdobeStock / Rodrigo Luft

In an official post to the Senate, hiring managers wrote that candidates must have “specific knowledge” of both “cryptocurrencies and blockchain”. The document explains that in addition to general knowledge of the technology, candidates will have to demonstrate a good knowledge of smart contracts, blockchain technology and “algorithms”, as well as notions of economic, commercial and financial consumer law. They will also need to be aware of the relevant regulations in the industry.

The Senate has indicated that it will make two hires in this area and that successful candidates will be offered the title of “Senate Legislative Advisor”. The people hired will provide “legislative and budgetary advice” as well as economic and IT “analysis”.

The media Exame reports that the hired people will also work as advisors to the two committees of the Senate and the National Congress (the lower house of Parliament) on the topics of “blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and other industry-related, economic and legal topics.

Applicants must be graduates of recognized higher education institutions, although the Senate is willing to accept applications from all graduates, regardless of the candidate’s specialization. Their knowledge will be tested in an exam to be held in state capitals across the country. The deadline for submitting applications is 21 September.

The Brazilian Senate has taken the initiative to create a regulatory framework on cryptocurrencies and some of its members have been the architects of an ambitious bill that aims to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers, as well as provide a legal framework within. which cryptocurrency miners can trade.

The bill has since been passed. Critics, however, said the bill was rushed and incomplete and said it was flawed in key areas.

The Senate responded by saying that it would be “possible to improve the text” at a later date and hinted that further regulatory measures will be taken soon.

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