11 Ligue 2 clubs land on the blockchain game of fantasy football

The blockchain game Sorare enriches its experience with a new partnership involving 11 Ligue 2 clubs of the 2022-2023 season. More generally, the platform intends to open up to the various second divisions of football.

Ligue 2 is coming to Sorare

The famous blockchain fantasy football game So rare continues its development with new partnerships with 11 Ligue 2 teams. Starting from the 2022-2023 season, users of the platform will be able to compose with the cards of the players who play for the following clubs: Amiens, Bastia, Girondins de Bordeaux, Dijon, Caen, Rodez, Guingamp, Valenciennes, Sochaux, Grenoble and le Paris FC.

Eventually, Sorare aims to become a partner of all Ligue 2 teams.

Thibaut Predhomme, cabinet director of Sorare, returns in particular to the fact that this diversification will allow the most passionate to dig for find future champions :

“We are very happy that these L2 clubs have decided to partner with Sorare. Sorare’s mission is to connect football fans with their passion for sport and we know that scouting has a very important place in the collectors’ experience. About ten players of the French team, world champion in 2018, started in L2, it was essential to allow our users to be able to collect these cards. “

Sorare has instead announced that it has increased the “Limited” rewards. about 20%.

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An opening to second division clubs

Beyond Ligue 2, the cards of the other players the second divisions of football can now be deployed during a “Game Week”. This is the case of the German, Spanish, Italian and English leagues.

Following this announcement, we can see that a “controversy” has emerged on Twitter. Some users in fact evoke an alleged insider trading in which several accounts would have bought cards affected by this news, shortly before the announcement.

However, nothing allows us to say with certainty.. Sorare is also regularly trading with regulators and, should such a case be proven, there is no doubt that the company would take the necessary measures.

Let’s not forget that some “secrets” aren’t really secret when you know where to look. For various crypto projects, governance forums are often wealth of information. As for the sports field, the fans of the different teams know how much news they can spread rapidly. This is all the more true in medium-sized cities where the various sponsoring clubs, well aware of the various partnerships, are easily accessible.

Be that as it may, this new development area offers Sorare opportunities that partner clubs will also benefitas Thibaut Predhomme points out:

“When the founders launched this product, they also wanted to help develop new global fan bases for lesser-known clubs and help them develop new sources of income to invest in youth training, equipment, etc. “

Finally, these agreements should allow two million users of Sorare to enrich your gaming experience.

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Play and collect cards in NFT format

Thousands of € of cryptocurrencies up for grabs

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Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky (find out more)

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