Everywhere: the “GTA killer” shoots himself in the foot in NFT?

We followed the development ofEverywherethe first ambitious game from the Build a Rocket Boy studio, founded by Leslie Benziesformer president of Rockstar North and producer of GTA games from episode 3 to episode 5. A long-standing relationship with the open world giant, unfortunately ended up in court, as we tell you mentioned in this article 2 years ago.

From, Everywhere moved from the Amazon Lumberyard engine to Unreal Engine 5, and its developers were finally able to show the first images of the game at Gamescom. Difficult to criticize the few fleeting seconds that were offered to us (even if you see some small clipping here and there; surprising for the “unveiling” images, often a bit fake to impress the players). It is also difficult to say that we have thrown ourselves open-mouthed: we jump, we shoot, we drive vehicles: the proposal of the game seems quite classic.

But the concerns are elsewhere. The trailer was followed by a presentation from one of the game’s directors, who defined the ambition ofEverywhere in these terms:

“We want to build a whole new world for players, not just a place to play, but a place to see, share, create, hang out with friends and so much more …”

A description that sounded very “metaverse” to the ears of the viewers. Enough for some curious people to poke around a bit and find out about Build a Rocket Boy jobs for NFT-related positions.

We know the love players have for blockchain technologies and what had to happen happened: the studio immediately found itself in the middle of a mini-storm of shitand he had to react to try to reassure his future audience.

“We have seen that the debates on NFT and cryptocurrencies have started following job offers posted on our website. These positions refer to research, since we are not the type to reject a new technology simply because we have not yet found a way to master it. We develop Everywhere under Unreal Engine 5, not on the blockchain. We are creating a new world for players where we will come to play, see, create, share and so much more. We hope this helps clear up speculation about it. ”- Build a Rocket Boy statement posted on Reddit and translated by the editors.

So does this clear things up? Yes, it feels that way, and not in a good way. Besides the fact that the studio refuses to clearly write in black and white that there will be no NFT in its game (meaning there will be a lot of them, unless the shit storm persists and jeopardizes the game’s release), Build a Rocket Boy takes players for insane : “We develop Everywhere under Unreal Engine 5, not on the blockchain” declares the studio, as if we could develop a game on the blockchain ?!

Preparing the ground for implementing NFTs in the game, still hated by most players, and taking the public for passing idiots: the beginning of the title promises to be complicated if the studio does not react very quickly …

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