The Solana ecosystem (SOL) collaborates with the Lollapalooza Festival for an NFT market

The American Lolapalooza festival has just started in the United States! 4 days of music to the sound of artists and stages in the name of Solana! For the occasion, an NFT Marketplace is available on Solana.

A festival sponsored by Solana Summer

The famous party is adorned with the colors of Solana for 4 days! When digital meets physical, great things can happen. While the Internet waited for the Solana Estatethis makes its appearance on the different Stages of the festival Where is it the glasses worn by some festival participants !

The stage of Solana x Perry

An NFT market on the Solana blockchain

But the most interesting announcement is the NFT marketplace created specifically for this occasion!

Several categories of NFT are available on this one! To access it it is necessary go through the event website and prove that we has a ticket for it.

  • The 1991 first edition poster collection signed or not!
The 1991 first edition poster collection signed or not!
  • The artist’s collection
The artist's collection
With the option to purchase a video of Steve Aoki sending a cake during the festival for $ 888 …
  • La Lolla International Collection highlighting the different cities where the festival is exported overseas! You can see the flag of France on the NFT Lolla Global.
  • the Lolla Landmark Collection with the several emblematic places of the Festival!
The Lolla Landmarks Collection with the different emblematic places of the Festival!
  • The Solana’s Summer Moment in the form of a mini aftermovie available for free!
Solana's summer moments
  • The Solana X Lolla Collection And the Solana Summer Collection
The Solana X Lolla Collection and the Solana Summer Collection
Here only £ 50-100 NFT glasses

Are you interested in an event like this in France? Would you be willing to spend $ 9,999 for a pair of digital glasses? One thing is certain, is that Solana being very close to FTX, it is very likely that this campaign is a trading maneuver behind the sponsorship of the Miami Heat stadium or Team Solo Mid! When is the Solana Festival ?

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