How to enter the Facebook metaverse and not die trying

What is Horizon Worlds?

Horizon Worlds is essentially the Facebook metaverse. It is a virtual world that you can visit with your avatar and that, with the help of Meta Quest 2, you can experience firsthand. In this world you will be able to meet people from all over the world and enjoy scheduled events such as concerts, movies and big parties. And all this without (physically) leaving the house.

The app is 480.80 megabytes in size and must be downloaded from the Oculus Quest app store. And yes, in order to enter this world, you need Meta Quest virtual reality glasses to be able to access the service. And be careful because it must be one of the new Meta Quest 2, since the original Oculus Quest are not compatible with the application. You can install it, but once inside, a message will clearly indicate that you need Meta Quest 2.

Download Horizon Worlds

To download the new application, you won’t have to travel too much. Go to the Oculus Store app store and search for Horizon Worlds if it doesn’t appear first in the featured app banners. Don’t confuse it with Horizon Venue, which was an older older app that was the one that took the first steps before coming up with the idea of ​​the metaverse itself.

What can I do once I have entered?

Worlds of the horizon

This universe will offer you all kinds of freedom, and as long as you respect all the users you meet, you can camp wherever you want. With the idea of ​​not getting bored, the service is made up of many worlds created by other users, each with themes and environments inspired by all kinds of ideas.

So, for example, you can visit a world inspired by comic book heroes and another where they focus solely on love for animals. The limit is in the imagination of the users, since you can create your own world and share it with the community. To do this, in the creation section, you can use very complete (and even complex) tools to create an animated virtual environment in which guest users can interact with your creations.

Games, events and talks

Worlds of the horizon

The worlds will mainly look for three aspects: the fun of games, the entertainment of events and the social of discussions. On the one hand, you can find very entertaining worlds with tests and games that take advantage of the capabilities of virtual reality. We will also have worlds where we will enjoy the concerts, which were previously announced in the Events tab. So you can enjoy concerts or movies with many more people by your side.

And finally the chats or meetings, worlds in which people enter to meet other users, to be able to chat live using the microphone and to exchange knowledge and experiences of the virtual world.

This puts an end to the eternal wait for the arrival of the Facebook metaverse, since after three long years the service has finally made the leap to France so that all virtual reality enthusiasts can continue to experience the technology from home, which is gaining more and more success. followers.

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