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The year 2021 was marked by the rise of the NFT sector. According to a report by Chainalysis, a blockchain analytics company, the industry surpassed the $ 44 billion valuation mark during this period. Furthermore, the enthusiasm for NFTs has allowed it to defend itself relatively well from the economic stress generated by the bear market. This indicates that non-fungible assets still have a bright future ahead of them. That said, despite the strong interest in NFTs, the market remains difficult for new entrants to penetrate. Fortunately, GhostMarket, a market NFT, offers an intuitive platform accessible to all. In addition, the startup recently implemented a very interesting incentive program to help traders optimize their returns over time.

What is Ghost Market?

GhostMarket is a platform specializing in non-fungible asset trading (NFT). It is the first market that guarantees transfers crossed chain of collectibles. In other words, it is possible to trade NFTs from different blockchains there.

In addition to buying and selling NFTs, GhostMarket offers a wide range of services to enrich the user’s journey. Therefore, the platform is ideal for both beginners and experienced creators, collectors and traders. Furthermore, developers have a whole range of tools (API, SDK, etc.) to create or extract NFTs from the system.

Currently, GhostMarket supports the following blockchain networks: BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, NEO N3 and Phantasma Chain. However, future developments should include full support for Ethereum and Solana and, subsequently, all other NFT protocols.

GhostMarket – NFT in auctions

Why is this trading platform interesting?

GhostMarket has many benefits. The first is its ergonomics. Indeed, the protocol has the distinction of facilitating the exploration of NFT technology. For example, platform users have a system of self-extraction. This speeds up and simplifies the NFT issuing and listing process. In addition, they benefit from a customizable navigation interface, including the ability to freely set the royalty rate on each sale.

More, the platform provides multichannel account users, allowing them to browse from one network to another without constraints. Likewise, GhostMarket offers an explorer through which it is possible to consult the different streams of the ecosystem: emissions, quotes, transactions, burns, etc.

Another plus point, GhostMarket provides a service not custodial. Therefore, users have exclusive control over their own secret keys. The security of the protocol is thus enhanced.

Finally, the team behind the project is very active social networks and responsive to user needs.

GhostMarket – Humswap Bowl NFT Collection

The GhostMarket (GM) token.

GhostMarket features an eponymous governance token, also known as GM. The latter works on all blockchains supported by the platform. To do this, the startup has created a bridge that guarantees the exchange of digital assets between separate networks.

That said, GM tokens are being used as incentives to promote the drive of community members. As such, they can be used to participate in the decentralized governance process and acquire new tokens for free during air jumps exclusive. They also allow you to limit transaction costs and promote certain creators.

Currently, there are over 23.9 million GMs in circulation. Additionally, the GhostMarket token is traded on the following exchanges: Swap, Flamingo FinanceGlobal MEXC, Exchange of pancakes, Demex, QuickSwap, and trader Joe XYZ. All this for an estimated market capitalization of nearly $ 900,000 (at the time of writing). Furthermore, its overall offering is 100 million tokens. It should also be noted that the token is listed on Binance, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

GhostMarket: the best NFT collections of the week

The platform’s incentive program

Last month, the company announced the launch of its incentive program. The goal is to set up clearing mechanisms to distribute 6.5 million GM tokens to the most active users. This depends on parameters such as: volume of transactions, community involvement, etc. However, only networks supported by GhostMarket are affected by the competition. Half of the announced incentives will be paid out by the end of October at the latest.

The distribution calendar corresponds to the following dates:

  • 07/18/22 – 10/17/22: 3 million tokens (33,333 GM per day)
  • 18/10/22 – 17/01/23: 2 million tokens (22,222 GM per day)
  • 18/01/23 – 17/04/23: 1 million tokens (11,111 GM per day)
  • 18/04/23 – 18/07/23: 500,000 Tokens (5,555 GM per day)
GhostMarket: the best users of the week

To date GhostMarket provides a more or less satisfactory answer to market expectations in the NFT trading area. Despite this, the startup has well-defined plans for the future. Recently, she thrown away an offer of liquid assets staking, accessible from PancakeSwap, Trader Joe XYZ, and QuickSwap DEX. By the end of August, the platform is expected to introduce the staking for GM tokens.

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