Sweat are you a traitor? It puts a stab in the back of its users

The new SudoRare cryptocurrency market has turned out to be a real hustle and bustle. Another sensational case of cryptosphere scam. The victims of the theft did not see the blow coming. L’crook it was stronger than hackers exploiting flaws in source code on other NFT and crypto theft cases.

Sweating was, however, a promise of substantial gains. A mix of market and liquidity pool. The people who took part in the adventure never thought they would lose their investment in the blink of an eye.

Sweating, what is it?

SudoRare is a project in collaboration with SudoSwap and LooksRare. The goal was to mix the best of both worlds. SudoSwap is used to create a liquidity pool for NFT. LooksRare on the other hand a market as we see everywhere on the blockchain.

SudoRare combines the advantage of both platforms. He had to provide SR tokens to registrants by earning them commissions on the cost of operations. It turns out that the founders of the project simply designed a dirty game. They did not have the necessary structure for the project. SudoRare was simply a rugpull.

What is a RugPull?

A RugPull is a well built project from the start. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are the main objectives of such a project. The founders of a rugpull project publish a well detailed white paper. They then advertise the project on the blockchain to attract investors. The latter invest their funds in the project. Convinced of the strength of the project, they can make substantial investments.

After funding, investors and participants of all categories await the launch. Unfortunately, at this very moment, the funds raised fly away. The founders of the project are not found and the funds are sent ingeniously

What happened ?

SudoRare was in the launch phase when its founders completely disappeared. They also insisted on not disclosing their identity to anyone. The thieves took digital assets worth $ 800,000 ETH, USDC and LOOK. Investigations into the blockchain led to the deduction that the stolen funds were distributed to three wallets.

Only one of these three wallets has been tracked. It’s a Kraken-related wallet. This information alone is not sufficient to know the identity of the thieves.

Therefore, the SudoRare site is no longer traceable on the Internet. The same goes for all of their social media accounts.

SudoRare completely disappears from the radar 6 hours after its launch. This case could be classified as the biggest scam in the cryptosphere.

During this time of cryptocurrency instability, it’s always best to be cautious. You need to know protect your cryptocurrencies and be on guard against overly ambitious projects. The best thing to do would be to stay on solid and reliable platforms and exchanges. The latter offer at least some credibility due to notoriety.


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