A new NFT collection for LGU +

LGU +one of South Korea’s largest telecom companies will issue a new batch of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) next month as it seeks to strengthen its commitment to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

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According to Money Today and Chosun Ilbo, the company is part of the business empire LG – will release a new collection featuring its animated octopus-like character Moono. Its debut collection, released in May, sold out in just 2 seconds when it was released on the platform. Offshorevia the blockchain Klaytn found by Kakao.

In his first collection there were characters depicting Moono enjoying every day of the week and 200 tokens were distributed. The second collection will be much larger, with 1,000 tokens. It will feature Moonos as employees and their “changing emotions” during the “work week,” the company said.

The company added that all Klay (KLAY) tokens received from the sale will be donated to charity. The company will keep 100 of the new NFTs for “marketing purposes” and will sell the remaining 900 NFTs during two sales operations that will take place on September 5th. The first sale period will be held from 7pm to 9pm and during this period 300 NFTs will be on sale while the last 600 coins will be sold from 10pm to midnight.

The company also added that buyers of five NFTs will be eligible for theme park tickets. Legolandiaand that anyone who completes a series will be entitled to a Moono toy.

LGU + added that it will expand its NFT operations in the coming months and announced that it will soon reveal details of collaborations with architects behind the popular Klaytn blockchain NFT collections. Shy Ghost Team And punk animals.

LGU + is a member of Klaytn’s board of directors, along with two other LG companies: LG Electronics And LG International.

As previously reported, national media have also suggested that LG, which has been experimenting with a number of cryptocurrency-related solutions for several years, may be planning to launch its own tokens. SKthat owns SK Telecom – LGU + ‘s biggest rival – has already announced that it will launch a cryptocurrency later this year via its subsidiary SK square.

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