Crypto Crash Doesn’t Stop Venture Capitalists: $ 24 million for NFTs

A venture capitalist that strengthens its ranks – This venture capital companyfounded by a woman with a particularly rich career in technology and web 3 in particular, claims a platform which simplifies the creation of products NFT and the development ofdecentralized applications.

Who are Katie Haun and Haun Ventures?

His LinkedIn account features a summary of his top achievements. Before becoming a venture capitalist, Katie Haun worked as a federal attorney at the United States Department of Justice, with a focus on fraud, cybercrime, and corporate crime. She is in particular the founder of the first task force government on cryptocurrencies.

She masters so the strings of the web regulation 3. Katie Haun even intervened before the 2 Houses of Congress to debate the link between technology and regulation. But the woman also wears many other hats, including those of a teacher at Stanford GSB.

Katie Haun was previously venture capital company partner Andreessen Horowitz, co-chair of the company’s 3 crypto funds. He is on the board of directors of Coinbase and it is there Founder and CEO of Haun Venturesa $ 1.5 billion web-focused venture capital fund 3.

Katie Haun is among the web 3 heavyweights. Source: Twitter

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A new addition to the Haun Ventures portfolio

According to an August 25 press release, Third networka platform that aims to facilitate the creation of 3 web applications for developers, has raised 24 million dollarsin a round led by Haun Ventures, with the participation of other investors including Coinbase Ventures, Shopify, Protocol Labs, Polygon, Shrug VC and billionaire Joseph Lacob.

The assessment by Thirdweb reached the $ 160 million at the end of this fundraiser. This new capital will allow the company to have a more than 3 years of leeway, says company co-founder Furqan Rydhan.

To ensure its sustainability and growth, Thirdweb can also rely on remaining 60-70% $ 5 million raised as seed money in December last year.

Thirdweb under the magnifying glass: space for blockchain and NFT innovations

Thirdweb offers precoded smart contracts, which simplify, among other things, the creation of NFTs and markets. It also provides developers with a development kit (SDK) for designing Web 3 products, as well as a dashboard for monitoring and managing on-chain contracts.

The company would have New York Fashion Week, Afterpay and a car manufacturer in its customer portfolio.

These Thirdweb services are currently integrated on Ethereum (ETH)Avalanche (AVAX) and Fantom (FTM), with upcoming support from Solana (SOL)which is scheduled for the end of September this year.

Thirdweb also plans to add Cosmos (XLM), Near and Flow to the list, using the funds just raised by investors.

the web 3 enter a era of simplification. The projects seek to offer solutions that allow developers to easily create products for the industry, offering pre-built or by-built smart contracts launch of a JavaScript SDK for the decentralized web.

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