Genies Studio allows creators to create their own avatar modes

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Genies launches Genies Studio, which allows creators to create their own avatar modes.

The company is launching the first set of digital fashion tools that will allow creators and designers to create their own fashions for their “metaverse avatars”.

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With the launch of the tools, Genies will allow more people to participate in the economy around its digital avatars, which have been used by celebrities to make appearances online even when they are unable to do so in real life, which has often happened during the pandemic.

Using these tools, creators will be able to change the color, pattern and texture of any item they own, be it built from scratch in the Genies studio or bought from other creators on the Genies Marketplace, nicknamed the warehouse.


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For now, Genies is manually selecting which creators can sell in the universe. But those who want to be sellers can apply or get in touch via DIY pop-up events hosted by Genies.

The geniuses said more tools were coming. Digital fashion is only the first step in the company’s vision towards avatar ecosystems.

“Our priority has always been and always will be to give ownership to the creator, which is why every digital fashion item you create is an NFT (non-fungible token),” the company said.

Genes have recognized that some “people have a hatred of NFTs (tech brothers scare us too lol). They’ve been used totally wrong. NFTs allow us to ensure creators are paid and recognized for their original creations. . From the first creation to the last collaboration, you can see who created, owned, remixed and sold each fashion item. This means that you, the creator, actually own your digital creations when you buy them … And by the way, we hate even how hostile NFTs have been to the environment so far (yuck), that’s why we use Flow, which is the greenest blockchain.

Some of the earliest approved creators include sgicreator, illumitati, and kat rose. The Genies Studio app is now available. New drops should occur two to three times a week. Users can purchase entire collections or individual items from the creators and use the DIY tools of Genies Studio to create a spin-off collection for eventual sale on The Warehouse (this will be launched in the fourth quarter).

This feature allows users to fully customize the collections they have purchased from the DIY / Creator community. Each item is sold on Genies’ digital marketplace, The Warehouse, fostering the intersection of technology and NFT culture.

SGI Creator, a 3D and multidisciplinary stylist, and Illumitati, the fashion photographer who recently blew her “Make Instagram Great Again” call-to-action to her millions of followers, are some of the first designers who set out to bring their collections In the warehouse.

Tati is another early drop member – Known professionally as @Illumitati, Tati Bruening is a photographer who rose to fame by capturing stunning personal portraits of some of TikTok’s most recognizable stars.

The company recently announced full ownership and marketing rights for all users, offering monetary and ownership benefits to talent and creators over their creations of the Genie avatar ecosystem. They can use them as they see fit and reap 100% of the benefits of creation. In the Genies ecosystem, anyone can become a company, a creator, a logo, a brand, a destination, a character or all of the above.

Genies raised $ 150 million in funding in April 2022, fueling its mission to enable humans to create their own avatar ecosystems.

I asked if Genies would allow creators to create branded avatar modes.

The company replied:

Today, any user can use Genie’s tools to create digital fashion lines, but they must first apply to be an approved seller here, in order to sell digital collections in this first MVP beta phase of The Warehouse (our new online marketplace).

In the first phase of deploying the Genies Studio application, the authoring tools are somewhat limited in what you can do, as this is our basic BASIC toolset. We are just scratching the surface of the instruments that we will release every four weeks.

Where we are today in the Web3 space, it is common for anything that violates intellectual property to be subject to removal. That said, the only vendors approved by Genies in this first phase of implementation are those who believe in our core Marketplace virtues, which involve go-to-market and do-it-yourself collaboration.

We believe that the future of digital fashion is collaborative and that current intellectual property laws are outdated. In order to protect the intellectual property of the brand, such as the Gucci G, we will soon release new features that allow a stylist or stylist to select different checkboxes that can be applied specifically to their collection. This way they can select that region on the wearable device itself and limit some features such as “do not edit”, so that users cannot edit that specific logo or detail from within the app.

I also asked about the focus on fashion.

From the beginning, Genies always believed that avatar ecosystems would be web3’s mobile applications. We divide the avatar ecosystems into four main components: avatars, avatar fashion / collectibles, avatar spaces, and avatar experiences. This is a long, very ambitious journey, and for each of these four components we provide non-technical tools that allow users to manifest their ideas in each of these components.

Given our target demographic of “internet cool kids” when it comes to Gen Z, they are obsessed with this form of expression through fashion. We believe that fashion is a great entry point for people to start accessorizing and expressing their identity online and a fundamental level for avatar identity.

The company said the Genies opportunity is “monumental”. I noticed that the company had competition in the Ready Player Me game. But Genies didn’t prioritize games as a marketplace for its avatars, despite the huge popularity of avatars in games.

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