The challenges of the blockchain and the key professions sought by companies

The challenges of the blockchain, which is about to grow

Blockchain technologies make it possible to manage and modify certain types of information in a community way, based on a consensus mechanism. The data is not controlled by any organization or state. ” The principle of the blockchain is to write with multiple hands in the same book. Each sentence is authenticated and verified, according to an established code and in a disinterested way. All this translates into a decentralized register, accessible to all and without the obligation of a trusted third party, because the community has followed the protocol in force. From a technical and philosophical point of view, this process was previously unthinkable “, Explains Daniel Villa Monteiro, educational director of Alyra, the school that is formed in the blockchain professions.

With such powerful technology, almost all existing assets are expected to be established on the blockchain in the coming years, according to the school’s founder and president Jérémy Wauquier. The ongoing debate at European level on the regulatory framework under construction, with the MiCA bill (Cryptographic Assets Market), is expected to harmonize its final scope soon, which will bring greater clarity on the use of cryptocurrencies. Another expected event: “The Merge”, around 15 September, which should allow the Ethereum cryptocurrency to grow, passing to the proof of stake (PoS, for Proof of stake) rather than proof-of-work (PoW, per Proof of work) as a consent mechanism.

The goal of this update: to increase the number of transactions per second by dramatically reducing the power consumption required to perform these operations. ” We are dealing here with a complete transformation of the infrastructure when it is and will remain active and when a very large number of market players depend on it. Tens or even hundreds of billions of assets, which are stored on this blockchain, are at stake with The Merge “, Underlines the president.

3 flagship blockchain professions to support companies

As the industry is changing, with a more advanced level of maturity and uses becoming more democratic, this particular form of data writing and management is starting to prove its worth. It has many fields of application, such as finance, supply chains or document authentication (bill of sale, musical work, logo, etc.). ” It is ideal for certifying files and data for companies and start-ups who adopt it and who recruit professionals to support them in this development. It is to meet the needs of this booming market that Alyra offers 3 courses for training in the key professions of the blockchain.

blockchain developer

This program allows developers to learn how to design a decentralized application with the Solidity language and to interact with a smart contract, a contract signed between 2 entities in a blockchain such as Ethereum. ” It can be of interest to all developers, especially backend developers, who need to link the page and the blockchain, especially for companies that want to be more transparent. adds Daniel Villa Monteiro, who completed Alyra’s blockchain developer training himself.

Become a blockchain developer with Alyra

Blockchain consultant

This course offers a 360 ° view of the entire blockchain ecosystem to fully understand its functioning, its uses, its values ​​or even the issues in terms of governance, in order to be able to advise an actor on the relevance of this technology according to his targets. ” Get an overview of everything a consultant will need to implement such a project in a company “, Specifies the president. This training is open to all, with no technical prerequisites.

Discover the journey of Alyra’s blockchain consultant

Expert in decentralized finance

You will know the different decentralized finance protocols (loans, loans, etc.), you will know how to place business money or funds for individuals on the blockchain and get returns. A section on risk assessment and management is taught to know what they represent and how to minimize them. The training is accessible to everyone, even non-developers. ” You will learn to diversify and invest intelligently in cryptocurrency “, Continues the educational director.

Learn more about the DeFi Expert Course

Certification of project-oriented training and pedagogy

The training courses of Alyra, the school rooted in the blockchain in France, each last 12 weeks. ” Our speakers are all working professionals. Alongside their courses, they develop projects that structure the ecosystem of today and tomorrow. We regularly go to events and attend market conferences to feed and continually update our programs with the latest technological developments “, Indicates the founder of Alyra. The courses are organized both asynchronously, with recorded videos to learn the fundamentals of blockchain, and synchronously, with lives of questions and answers (Ask me anything) in the presence of the speakers. The program adapts to everyone’s rhythms: if you are not present at the live shows, a rerun is available the next day. You will thus be able to follow one of the training courses in parallel with your professional activity, for example.

Alyra’s pedagogy is project-oriented: students conceptualize a decentralized application that can be launched. They need to explain the importance of integrating blockchain into a use case, in front of a panel of volunteer professionals. They then have a concrete example to present to a recruiter to demonstrate that they have the expected level. Among the projects already launched: the creation of NFT to replace the medals issued after a victory, with data integrated into the blockchains, or even a “poap”, a sort of virtual business card that integrates metadata (e-mails, telephone numbers …) and that demonstrates your presence at an event. “ We are fortunate to be immersed in an exciting environment. I have an intimate belief that I am participating in something that will make the world a better place “Says the educational director.

All available training is open to those looking to boost their careers, discover blockchain technologies, or join the ecosystem as a consultant. They can benefit from funding schemes, such as the CPF, aid issued by Pôle Emploi, by your employer if you are an employee, from your region, etc. Other benefits: a community of 1,200 students who exchange via Discord, a network of 240 partners who regularly post job offers, and professionals who come to share their travel and best practices every Monday night. The 3 courses allow to obtain the CAMEO certifications of France Competences and Qualiopi. The next sessions will start on September 26th.

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