What is Cardboard Citizens – NFT PFP Collection in Solana?

Cardboard Citizens, a profile picture from the NFT collection designed with a relaxed aesthetic in mind. This collection consists of an original set of 6,767 characters called “deliveries” who are the exclusive postmen of their city. What exactly “exclusive” emails mean, I don’t know, but these guys are pretty cool. Marvin, the delivery truck driver is a small sketch, according to the website and the developers. In this article, we will look at the art and nuances of this collection.

What is Cardboard Citizens?

Cardboard Citizens is a Solana NFT project consisting of 6,767 collectibles on a mission to save Mother Earth. In Solana Beach, the Town Square Citizens run their own post office. It uses the Solana network to offer fast transactions, affordable pricing and low-carbon transmission, all for the benefit of the environment. The citizens of the square propose various activities to generate income for the “neighborhood”. Furthermore, the NFTs can be customized according to the preferences of the owner, who can guarantee the exclusivity of the NFT. Holders of your NFTs will be rewarded for their good deeds in several ways.

NFT Cardboard Citizens holders will participate in the project’s Web3 protocols. Additionally, NFT holders will be responsible for the liability validation process. A voting system will be put in place to allow discussion of the important elements of the project. The Cardboard Citizens team creates protocols to ensure that social actions are held accountable. Additionally, protocols have been added to support for-profit and non-profit organizations. Recycling, reforestation and a number of other positive initiatives will be encouraged.

The world of cardboard citizens

Forest proof

The Earth needs to be cared for because it is the center of the Cz Config system. The essence of life is in trees and biodiversity. As citizens of the world, everyone must respect and preserve the exquisite 4.5 billion-year-old ecosystem, as trees are the lungs and mushrooms are the brain of the planet. The ultimate goal of Cardboard Citizens will always be to raise awareness through protocols and values. Proof of Forest is the name of the first protocol developed by the Solana blockchain to report on reforestation and biodiversity conservation.

The validation procedure for this reforestation strategy will be very similar to the other protocols. The owners (citizens with the appropriate green traits) will act as validators of the system. The team will work closely with companies specializing in ecosystem conservation and tree planting. Cardboard Citizens NFT holders will validate via blockchain after planting a tree and the organization will present proof to complete the process. It is important to keep in mind that not all citizens will play a significant role in the forest protection process. To do this, you will need to have green strokes.


The existence of man on Earth today is due to water, which represents 71% of the planet’s surface. Therefore, one of the main objectives of Cardboard Citizens will be to clean up the oceans, lakes and rivers. As a result, plastic will soon be absent from the ocean.

A protocol called Proof of Water, which uses Blockchain Solana, aims to establish accountability for cleaning oceans, lakes and rivers. The validation procedure for this solution will be very similar to other protocols. Holders (who hold appropriate citizens with blue and aqua traits) will act as validators for the system. Ocean cleanup organizations will work with us to clean up the water and submit evidence to the Cardboard Citizens system so it can be traced through the blockchain. It should be noted that not all Cardboard citizens will play a significant role in the Water Proof process. To achieve this, you will need to possess the Aqua / Blue traits.

reject test

The current cycle of consumption is to buy, use, throw away and repeat. Cardboard Citizens’ main goal is to make the Earth the center of your Cz configuration system. The project team wants to connect and use Web3 solutions to solve real problems. The first blockchain-based protocol for true product recycling responsibility is called Proof of Scrap. By providing the protocol service to public and private organizations (governments, companies, cities, etc.), this recycling solution aims to raise awareness.

This protocol will use the Solana Blockchain and a direct validation process through the Cardboard Citizens community. The holders will act as validators of the system. NFT holders will validate via blockchain after a product has been recycled and the user will submit a proof to complete the process. Each NFT Cardboard Citizens holder can act as a Proof of Scrap validator, unlike the aforementioned proofs (no specific characteristics are required).

Tests of knowledge

The team behind Cardboard Citizens wanted to embrace the Web3 environment by playing an important role in its development as it originated in the crypto space. The Cardboard Citizens development team created the Proof of Knowledge toolkit as well as one of its protocols. The goal is to make everyday life easier for business-related cryptocurrency and NFT users. Additionally, all Cardboard Citizens tools will be available free to cardholders.


  • Wallet Management: The Cardboard Citizens team offers users the ability to control their wallets. Cz Portfolio, which allows users to customize their portfolios, and Cz Lifeguard, which allows individual NFT users to access Floor Monitoring and Alert Floor Dashboard, are the two places where this can be done.
  • Multiple Wallet Management: Cardboard Citizens users have the ability to manage multiple wallets in addition to just one. Thanks to Cz Radar, where they can use the Sweep and Sniping NFT tools, they can manage all their portfolios.

Cardboard citizens: environment

Impacts and sustainable investments are growing. Furthermore, anyone who wears a Citizens Cardboard is a supporter of the planet earth movement.

  • Renewable Energy – The creators of Cardboard Citizens are looking for companies to use technology to harness renewable energy sources and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Green Transportation – To ensure environmentally sound transmission, Cardboard Citizens uses clean fuels such as biodiesel, natural gas and electricity (electric cars, etc.).
  • Green technology: An owner has the opportunity to invest in carbon capture and ocean cleaning technologies if they are part of a business community that wants to increase their green goals.
  • Green Agriculture: Cardboard Citizens’ sustainable agriculture goals are the use of fewer pesticides, soil health and crop diversity.

Where to buy NFT Cardboard Citizens?

NFT Cardboard Citizens are available in the NFT Market below:


O Cardboard Citizens is an NFT project on Solana Blockchain. The artwork should become a profile picture (PFP) that NFT holders will proudly wear while traveling. LA Cardboard Citizens is reshaping culture and making the most of the Solana ecosystem. To achieve the goal of a greener planet Earth, the team also brings together collaborators from the NFT sector. In an effort to encourage more people to join the community and take action for the Earth, Cardboard Citizens is an NFT project that rewards cardholders for their good deeds for the environment.

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