All these artists have already sung in the Metaverse

The best musical performances of the Metaverse

Hosted annually by MTV, VMAs are essentially the Oscars for music videos. As with film awards, these awards have fewer and fewer audiences. MTV thought of reversing that situation and it seems they have achieved their goal by introducing the metaverse into the equation.

These new awards have served to give more value to the musical performances that are slowly becoming common in the metaverse. Next, we will show you an overview of everything that has been seen so far:

Blackpink ft. PUBG-Mobile

This concert was announced after some collaborations between the female group and the PUBG Mobile video game. The announcement came after a music video titled Ready For Love, in which the artists announced their return during this month of August.

The women’s group exited the VMAs with the Metaverse Best Show Award. Something that does not surprise us, because they entered as the favorites.

Ariana Grande – Fortnite Season 7

Musical events have become the most loved by Fortnite fans, especially since Epic Games takes care of every detail. In August last year, Ariana Grande hosted a live event that wowed the singer’s fans and was well received by the gaming community. So much so that it earned him an MTV Award nomination.

Marshmello – First concert in Fortnite

Marshmello has already performed in Fortnite several times, but his first time in Pleasant Park was something like the Metaverse Woodstock. A concert that will go down in history and that has laid the first stone of a long road that remains to be traveled.

Twenty One Pilots – Roblox

Twenty One Pilots held their event on Roblox in October 2021. For this concert, the artists were nominated for this year’s VMAs.

Charli XCX – Roblox

In early June of this year, Samsung sponsored a major Roblox event with Charli XCX as the central artist. The concert was truly spectacular and laid new foundations that invite us to imagine what awaits us in virtual worlds in a few years.


With so many fans around the world, it would be strange if BTS weren’t part of the virtual gigs as well. The moment of this famous K-Pop group was at the end of 2021, during an event organized in Minecraft.

Justin Bieber – Wave

Justin Bieber also did not miss his appointment with the Metaverse on November 18, 2021. He did so on the Wave platform and sang 10 songs from his repertoire for all those who participated in this special moment.

Eminem feat. Nosy Dog – Bored Ape Yacht Club

The big surprise that could be seen at the MTV gala was the clip that Eminem and Snoop Dog had prepared for their song From the D 2 the LBC.

The two rappers showed their vision of the metaverse. To get it, they don’t exactly wear virtual reality glasses, but they do it in the traditional way, with the famous boss trick that we already know that Snoop Dog is crazy about. The result is a rather bold video that uses the Bored Ape Yacht Club metaverse in a quirky and hilarious way.

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