Metaverse Medical will be worth $ 71.2 billion by 2030

The latest report from InsightAce Analytic predicts that the global metaverse market focused on the health and medical care sector will be worth up to $ 71.2 billion by 2030, while this market is valued at $ 5.06 billion until 2021. .

Metaverse Medical: a promising investment

The main companies that will lead the medical metaverse will be Meta, Microsoft, CableLabs and 8 Chili, while other technologies that will also develop in the field of health will be augmented reality and virtual reality and the main market will be located in North America.

The report argues that the metaverse will revolutionize medical care, attract more patients, improve diagnostics, improve OR design, streamline treatments and training, and even enable remote patient monitoring and, in turn, increase patient revenue. medical sector.

One of the countries with the highest adoption of cryptocurrency is France, which also supports projects in the metaverse. Another well-represented country is Spain, which has announced that the first medical event of the metaverse will take place on October 27 in the country. The project will feature the Metaverse Hospital. This health center intends to apply the metaverse and the latest advancements of Web 3.0 to the delivery of health services.

First digitally managed hospital for hospital management and bio-research through government agencies, symbolized for its design by the health science community. “TRUE MEDICINE IN A VIRTUAL SPACE”. We intend to provide new ways to deliver excellent health care for the benefit of the general population and patients. In addition to generating alternatives to more efficient management of health services.

With such great potential and within an industry like healthcare, investing in shares of metaverse-oriented pharmaceutical or medical companies can be a boon to significant long-term returns.

The metaverse will revolutionize the medical industry

The latest report from InsightAce Analytic claims that the Metaverse is “in its infancy,” but it will be a great resource for healthcare professionals and patients to learn and feel more comfortable and confident about going to the doctor more often.

“The importance of integrating metaverse, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, the Internet of Things, Web 3.0, cloud and robotics will revolutionize healthcare. Augmented reality, with its fun sci-fi headsets and accessories, it is about to transform the way people interact with healthcare professionals. “

health sector in the metaverse
In addition, the main companies pushing the medical industry to accelerate its immersion in the metaverse are: BioflightVR, CAE Inc., Devden Creative Solutions, Dhi Tattva, Eon Reality, Intuitive Surgical, Global Healthcare Academy, 3D Systems, AccuVein, ImmersiveTouch, Koninklijke Philips NV, Medical Reality, among the most important. These stocks are a good investment base for healthcare-related metaverse stocks.

Zaragoza’s San Juan de Dios hospital has been immersed in the metaverse thanks to the development of an interactive virtual hospital center, which has made it the first European hospital to offer an immersive experience in the metaverse.

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