Roblox’s new logo and slogan show that the company is growing

A new Roblox logo and accompanying slogan signal the company’s continued drive to expand its user base as part of its journey to metaverse dominance. The sandbox game brand is evolving to keep up with its maturing user base.

The logo text features an improved and modern version of the classic Roblox font. The logo image remains similar, but the small square inside the large square has slightly increased in relative size.

“The Roblox logo currently has a distinctive character with its slant, which represents construction, progression and movement. In perfecting the logo, we wanted to maintain the fairness of the tilt by reflecting the evolution of our platform, “explained CEO David Baszucki in a blog post on August 26 entitled” Our Updated Logo “.

“Our updated logo introduces new custom letter shapes that are lighter and reflect a more modern aesthetic. The second “o” returned as a letter, further emphasizing our characteristic inclination. The recline has been slightly refined but continues to retain its distinct character.

However, perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the rebranding is the new slogan, which reads: “Reinventing the way people come together.” While similar in tone to the company’s previous slogan, it is a departure from “Powering Imagination,” which Baszucki announced on Twitter in 2015.

Over the years, the company has transformed its vision of being an imagination-driven gaming platform into something much larger: a metaverse that functions as a social playground where people can virtually meet to share, celebrate. and express yourself. The word “metaverse” was far from common vulgar in 2015, so it’s no surprise that the company opted for a branding update highlighting the growing concept. However, unlike metaverse competitor Meta, which changed its name from Facebook to reflect the metaverse’s grand ambitions and to review the public perception of its offerings, Roblox instead chose to highlight the community aspect of its identity: the brand.

The fact that the company mentions “people” instead of “children” or “children” is a hint of what Roblox is planning for the future. As the company welcomes older audiences with concerts and metaverse experiences with high-end fashion brands, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Roblox isn’t just for kids and teens anymore.

The rebranding is likely to resonate with investors too, many of whom are still struggling with the appeal of Roblox as well as being a kid’s game or platform. While the rebranding itself might not seem like a big change, it’s a sign that a company is growing and maturing as it expands its user base. This, in turn, could have an impact on the revenue it generates, particularly if the older audience has a higher disposable income than their younger counterparts.

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