VR “Fortnite”? The leaker discovers the “Oculus” code in the latest update, claims it is Quest 2

A new “Fortnite” leak has surfaced online and talks about VR support for the popular Battle Royale game, stemming from the game’s latest update code bringing its latest features. The leaker claimed that VR “Fortnite” saw references to “Oculus,” which is the previous name of Meta’s VR company prior to its recent change.

The leaks of “Fortnite VR” come from the “Oculus” code of the latest update

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According to last tweet With well-known leaker “Fortnite” HYPEX, the latest “Fortnite” update, released on August 30, hinted at an upcoming battle royale adventure in VR games. The leaker said the “Oculus” related codes were on its codes and may be in preparation for the game’s upcoming VR experience.

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This loss means that players could experience “Fortnite” through their VR glasses and continue playing it via console or PC controls. There are huge possibilities that this transition to virtual reality opens up, especially after the previous speculation that playing “Fortnite” in virtual reality is an experience that fans in demand in the past.

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Will “Fortnite” play on Meta’s Oculus Quest 2?

HYPEX said it may be available in the Meta Quest 2 device, with “Fortnite” soon offering “adequate VR support” for the title. However, there is no information or comment from Epic Games regarding this unique digital experience claimed by the leaker, with news likely remaining speculation for the game.

Quest 2 is one of the most prominent VR devices currently, offering diverse mixed reality experiences for the world.

Updates and virtual reality of “Fortnite”

Epic Games and Battle Royale “Fortnite” haven’t had any previous leaks about bringing its expertise into the world of virtual reality, but the time has come for the company now that the virtual reality industry is booming. However, last year there was news that Epic Games was developing a metaverse and virtual world as one of its projects, already securing $ 1 billion for the new world.

Sony is one of the companies that has invested in the so-called digital reality of Epic Games, with no updated information on the metaverse or its development.

However, it is a much loved project by the company, especially since Epic Games’ “Fortnite” has proven to be a major platform with metaverse capabilities in the present. Several online activities and concerts took place in the game, and this allowed the audience to experience it from a distance.

However, the “Fortnite” experience doesn’t have the ability to see through VR lenses or headsets, as well as control it using motion controllers that are prevalent among AR / VR devices. For now, this leak remains a piece of information still debated and no official confirmation of the “Fortnite” VR project is available from Epic.

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