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Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance: what do you think?

Charges mysteriousthat you saw on your credit card are the work of Crédit Agricole, or more precisely of its subsidiary, CA Consumer Finance.

It is a financial company that provides a variety of banking products for businesses, but also for individuals. The products offered include various types of consumer credit, loans and credit repurchase solutions, as well as insurance contracts.

CA Consumer Finance owns the credit company SOFINCO which includes its consumer loans: auto credit, revolving credit, etc.

Relying on the CA Consumer Finance loan without even realizing it: is it possible?

Normally this shouldn’t happen. Yet, every day, people use the consumer credit from CA Consumer Finance without realizing it the conditions they sign. This is not a characteristic of Crédit Agricole, as when buying or subscribing to an organization that offers credit, the approach is common. It all depends on the clarity of the explanations provided by the seller or the web pages you are buying on.

CA Consumer Finance has partnerships with various sales companies that offer consumer products or services. CA Consumer Finance loan underwriting process begins when applying for an advance loan for a credit purchase.

For example, CA Consumer Finance credit financing may be available when you sign a home renovation contract. The consultant who sells the service will propose you an installment plan, or a consumer credit. The monthly payments charged to your account reflect the amount of work and interest.

This service can also be used as an auto insurance or extended warranty for devices purchased online or in a store. The insurance is managed by CA Consumer Finance. The insurance premium is then deducted from your bank account.

The deduction can come from an installment purchase of consumer goods such as a home entertainment system, laptop or other household appliance. By selecting the option » pay in X installments for free“, You are legally bound to CA Consumer Finance.

The brands involved are different. Here are the most popular ones to help you identify your purchase and understand the reason for the deduction:

  • Automotive Dealers and CA Consumer Finance Affiliates: Honda, Piaggio, Fiat, Chrysler, Mazda;
  • Dealers: Redoute, Fnac, Darty, Printemps;
  • repurchase of credit Credit increase brokerage

These various CA Consumer Finance affiliates offer revolving credit, provided by the Crédit Agricole affiliate.

As you will see, there are many reasons to get billed by CA Consumer Finance!

I still receive an invoice from CA Consumer Finance even though I paid off the loan. What’s the reason ?

Another problem may arise. After identifying the cause of CA Consumer Finance’s debts, you paid off the debt until you repaid the consumer credit ; however, the fees keep running. There are several reasons for this.

Over time, you or a family member may have obtained a credit card that is also processed by CA Consumer Finance. As we have shown above, the financial partners are numerous, and the chances of obtaining credit, sometimes without knowing it, are numerous. Make sure you know the credit you have speak.

There is another reason you are looking to consolidate your consumer credit. Credit consolidation may be charged by CA Consumer Finance through the Credilift brokerage. Likewise, you may have a revolving credit card from one of the partners. Therefore, you must be responsible for an annual charge for using the card. These charges are usually debited from your account.

Eventually, you may be the victim of a scam. The most common is identity theft, where the scammer takes out the loan in your name. In this case, you should file a complaint as soon as possible.

How can I permanently stop direct debits from CA Consumer Finance?

The method for terminating direct debits from CA Consumer Finance it depends on the circumstances in which you are found. In any case, you must above all make sure that you repay the borrowed amount and the interest owed on the loan.

Terminate revolving credit or insurance

For cards issued by partners of Consumer Finance CAthe best way to fix the problem is to do it contact the company from which you obtained the credit card. The company should also notify you of the automatic renewal and give you the option to withdraw the card.

Furthermore, insurance contracts can be terminated if the notice period stipulated in the contractual documents is strictly respected. If you don’t have one, call CA Consumer Finance for cancellation procedures. There are no cancellation fees to pay.

You need to stop direct debits in case you are a victim of fraud

As mentioned, direct debits can be the subject of an identity theft contract. You can then remove the bank account from the transaction. However, this will not solve the problem, as CA Consumer Finance will still consider you bound by the contract until you are able to prove it is not yours. In any case, you have to file a formal complaint and send a certified letter to CA Consumer Finance explaining the situation. Get help from a group of consumers.

How can I contact customer service to amicably resolve the dispute?

Conflicts regarding consumer insurance or revolving credit are quite frequent, CA Consumer Finance has established a complaints procedure. It is recommended that you follow the different steps of the procedure, which will increase your chances of obtaining an amicable resolution of the dispute.

Step 1: Contact customer service by email

The CA Consumer Finance website has an online form to contact the company to report the problem to. Wait for an answer. If you are not satisfied, you can go to step 2.

Step 2 Step 2: Send a registered letter

If there is no solution Send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to our consumer service, whose contact details appear in our “contacts” section.

Step 3: Talk to the mediator.

The last step is to refer the case to the mediator by contacting the Association of Financial Firms. The case will only be processed after completing steps 1 and 2.

Customer service contact details

CA-CF customer service
1 rue Victor Basch
CS 77000191068 MASSY Cedex.

Contact details of the mediator.

Mr. ASF Mediator
24, avenue de la Grande Armée
75854 Cedex of Paris 17

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