With humor and panache, the media parody “Malheurs Actuels” denounces climate inaction

Heatwaves, forest fires, water shortages and private jets … No topic related to climate news is ignored by this new media spoof. But the good news is that in addition to denouncing the absurdity of behavior in the face of climate change, Current troubles it offers us a good dose of humor, which is good in these times conducive to anxiety. A “Green Gorafi” that already delights environmentalists.

“INFO NOTICE – Bernard-Henri Lévy warns:“ if the heat wave returns, I will have to remove an extra button from the shirt ”. A statement that just sparked a riot in the Café de Flore early this morning on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris.

On social media, and on the misfortunesactus.com site, the posts follow one another, one more absurd than the other. Planting trees in the Metaverse and creating aquifers there to combat global warming and drought or sharing your private jet with other billionaires to reduce your carbon footprint, that’s the kind of information that awaits you on this new media. 100% green parody.

“Raising awareness in a different way”

Interviewed by Novethic, Albin Wegener professor-researcher in environmental communication and editor-in-chief of Current problems (referring to Valeurs Actuelles), he says he will “Raise awareness in a different way”. “There was a free seat, we went there”, explains a month after the launch of this fun vehicle powered by a team of twelve volunteers.

“We try to hijack the image of the green Khmer who wants to ban everything, we use humor by showing the absurdity of climate inaction while parodying the media itself.”

Albin Wegener, editor-in-chief of Malheurs Actuels

In their articles, the authors strive to denounce climate inertia by drawing inspiration from current events. Thus, at a time when private jet travel is being monitored by internet users around the world and when Julien Bayou calls for their absolute ban, Malheurs Actuels decides to highlight co-flying, the billionaire’s solution to the climate. Here is an excerpt:

“In fact, to effectively combat CO2 emissions, the recent“ Collective Billionaires for the Climate ”proposes an original and atypical solution. Of a fundamentally disruptive nature, co-fly would allow in particular to fly on private jets and therefore limit CO2 emissions.

Born from an international meeting in an elegant restaurant in Dubai, the “Collective of Billionaires for the Climate” came together both to defend their right to practice and publicly adopt their lifestyle, and to commit to producing initiatives capable of doing a bad memory of the climate crisis. “

Current troubles

Enough to make all lovers of biting humor smile. To find the latest news from Malheurs Actuels, go to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or on the media site.

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