Backbase and Value Digital Service enter into a strategic partnership in North Africa

(BACKBASE) – Backbase and Value Digital Services (VDS), are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership to strengthen their position in the North African market. This collaboration allows Backbase and VDS to leverage their respective technologies and services to accelerate the growth of digital banking in African banking segments. Backbase is the world’s leading provider of escrow banking. VSD, based in Tunis, supports its customers in the implementation of their digital and data roadmaps,

Together with Backbase’s Engagement Banking platform, the partnership will help banks take advantage of new cutting-edge technologies so they can continue to respond to changing market and customer demands. In return, customers will be able to access a wide range of innovative banking and payment products that meet their current and future needs.

as a company ” digital native “By supporting the digital transformation of BIAT, a leading Tunisian financial institution, VDS is well placed to leverage its unmatched knowledge of local markets in Tunisia and across the North African region.

Backbase wants to enter new markets in Africa and continue to build a customer-centric banking world. “said Aymen Daoud, Backbase’s regional manager for North and West Africa. “Backbase’s engagement banking platform now has a new foothold in a key French-speaking region. Through our partnership with VDS, we are ready to accelerate the implementation of the best of our products for the benefit of local players.”

“We are very proud of our partnership with Backbase. They have an incredible network of exceptional services and partners across Africa and around the world.” said Ahmed Lasram, Chief Operating Officer of Value Digital Service. “With the help of Backbase, we will create even more relevant innovative digital solutions tailored to our customers, while reducing implementation costs and time-to-market.”

About Backbase

Backbase’s mission is to restructure the bank around the customer. The Backbase Engagement Banking Platform was created as a unified platform with the customer at the center. Help banks travel seamlessly through every stage of the customer lifecycle. Analysts from Forrester, Gartner, Celent, Omdia and IDC recognize Backbase’s market leading position. More than 150 financial institutions worldwide have adopted the Backbase Engagement Banking platform, including BIAT, National Bank of Bahrain, Ila Bank, Banque Saudi Fransi, AIB, Barclays, Bank of the Philippine Islands, BNP Paribas, Citibank, Citizens Bank , CheBanca, Discovery Bank, Greater Bank, HDFC, IDFC First, KeyBank, Lloyds Banking Group, Navy Federal Credit Union, PostFinance, RBC, Société Générale, TPBank, Vantage Bank Texas, Westpac and Wildfire Credit Union.

Backbase is a private fintech company, founded in 2003 in Amsterdam, with regional offices in Atlanta, New York, Boise, Mexico City, Toronto, London, Cardiff, Dubai, Krakow, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

Learn about the valuable digital service

Value Digital Services is a technology company “ digital native “which provides services in various areas including digitalization, data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, with a strong focus and expertise in the banking and financial sector. VDS has a solid track record in implementing digital products and solutions aligned with best practices and proven methodologies and following a Digital Factory model. It is a talent-oriented company. It helps its partners and customers to accelerate their digital transformation and meet the challenges of delivery and implementation

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