Beware, this terrible scam with fake delivery notices from the post office is wreaking havoc!

We discover new scams every day. This time, an Internet user has warned the French against a fake delivery note stuck in his inbox. This process can allow thieves to steal bank details. Don’t worry, the Objeko editorial team will tell you everything. You are ready ?

A well thought out scam

The least we can say is that scammers don’t go on vacation. And a new scam has just appeared a few days ago. This time, the scammers are attacking a strong institution. Which ? Well, quite simply, the post office. In fact, the testimonies of the victims multiply and the evidence of the scam is revealed. Just on Twitter we discover the photo of a notice of passage deposited in a letter box. And if it makes you think of a real one, in the end, it’s a fake.

As a reminder, the delivery notice indicates that a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt could not be delivered to the address and invites you to schedule a new delivery. That of the scammers, is reproduced in the same way. Well, not exactly. In fact, the QR Code, this square that you can scan with your smartphone and which usually gives access to the La Poste site, has been slightly modified.

A QR code that can bring you a lot of money

As we told you previously, the QR Code of the passage notice has been changed. Once on the link, the victim is redirected to another site where they are asked to fill out a form with their bank details. As you can imagine, this is where the trap closes. In fact, the post does not exist and the bank details are stolen. Alerted, La Poste officials disabled links to the fake document.

Additionally, Post officials indicated that this scam was the first. Indeed, they were used to 100% digital scams: “This is the first time we have encountered a phishing attempt (technique that impersonates a company to extract money or confidential information) that mixes a physical and digital medium “.

How many people have been victims of this scam?

The question everyone is asking now is: how many victims have there been? Well, the post office doesn’t really know. On the other hand, it can be said that it is a very localized phenomenon: “In the Montpellier region“. For information, he has not received any further feedback from other possible victims, but he still intends to initiate legal proceedings. If you see a questionable passage notice, be very careful. Please inquire at the post office. It’s better.

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