Invesco launches its Metaverse fund

Invesco has announced the launch of “Invesco Metaverse”, an actively managed international equity fund that offers investors exposure to the growth-oriented opportunities of the Metaverse.
The Invesco Metaverse Fund invests in large, mid and small cap companies along the Metaverse value chain, which encompasses many distinct and interconnected sectors that help facilitate, create or benefit from the growth of immersive virtual worlds. The portfolio is geographically diversified, with companies based in the United States, Asia, Japan and Europe. The fund is unmanaged against a benchmark, its performance is compared to the MSCI AC World benchmark (Net Total Return) index.

The fund will be jointly managed by Tony Roberts, manager and James McDermottroe, deputy manager, both of whom are part of Invesco’s UK-based Asia & Emerging Markets Equities team.

“It is estimated that, by 2030, virtual and augmented reality could generate 1,600 billion euros in the global economy, said Tony Roberts, manager of Invesco. health, logistics, education and sport. We will try to capitalize on these opportunities through a very selective and conscious enhancement “.

Thematically, the fund will focus on seven areas:

New generation operating and IT systems;
The hardware and devices that provide access to the Metaverse;
Networks for hyper connectivity;
Immersive platforms developed with artificial intelligence;
The exchange tools necessary to ensure interoperability;
Services and assets that will facilitate the digitalization of the real economy.

The investment concerns the acquisition of units of an actively managed fund and not of a specific underlying.

The team believes there are exciting opportunities for companies in these seven subsegments, beyond the well-known Metaverse platforms. At this early stage, some of the greatest opportunities are for those involved in developing the infrastructure necessary for the Metaverse to reach its true potential. Real-world experiences and assets could then be digitized, allowing users to seamlessly switch between experiences. We think this opportunity is too great for companies to ignore.

“At Invesco, we will always strive to provide our customers with the best solutions to help them seize exciting opportunities and the Metaverse is definitely one of them,” added Joseline Hobson, Head of France Distribution at Invesco. experience makes it uniquely positioned to select nuggets of this emerging global megatrend with its disciplined and solid core approach. “

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