Moonbird offers an unprecedented solution to one of the biggest problems with NFTs

A 100% on-chain NFT – Communities linked to certain collections of NFT never stop making the news. CryptoPunks, Bored Ape and now Lunar birds are representative examples of the sweet madness that has gripped the fans of these unique images whose aesthetics are highly subjective. For those who cry scandal and pure speculation, they know the same as the multinational at auction Sotheby’s just hired a team specialized in digital art. Today, we go to Los Angeles to discover the new products just unveiled by the startup. trial.

NFTs stored directly on the blockchain …

On August 30, during a live presentation entitled ” Future proof “, Harri Thomas, the product director, has unveiled a whole series of new products that will affect all NFT collections. And the main evolution is technical, it concerns the ” Storage »NFT. Thus the visible image of a Lunar bird Sara ” built by the contract itself “.

The famous owls will not be alone ” on the chain, they will be in the chain “Unlike most other projects NFTthe image will then be reconstructed directly from smart contract, without using an external server. There is no formal date set for this move, but Harri Thomas made it. ” a main focus of his teams “And hopes for a delivery in” not too long “. Fans all over the world will therefore have to wait a little longer before enjoying it.

New collection announcement, $ 50 million funding round and token launch – Source: Twitter

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… And more to come for Moonbirds fans

And during this live stream, the Proof team made more announcements. First, there will be a third series of birds called Mythical of the lunar birds which should be out soon 2023. The Moobirds will follow Originals it’s at Oddities both were corporate and community successes. Hence, the team is very eager to develop it platform private community, reserved for NFT holders.

More announcements coming soon but we are already talking about a CAD to pronounce on the commercial rights of the collections but also and above all of a token. And there, the ears of cryptophiles suddenly rise! After the success of the APE coin, this type of token is clearly on the rise. Here’s what Kevin RosePROOF co-founder said:

“Designing and launching a token is both a technological and a legal challenge. We know that the world doesn’t need another token to speculate. (…) Our token must have a real usefulness. ”

Classified seventh in terms of volume traded on Opensea, the collection has a minimum price of 13.8 ET right in the bear market. After several successful funding rounds, the startup proudly displays its ambitions and flying and nocturnal NFT enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the future series. And they are not the only ones who believe in a bright future … Indeed, large venture capital funds continue to invest in the sector despite clearly unfavorable economic conditions.

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