Networks, cryptocurrencies, NFT …: the latest data from the web

We Are Social and Hootsuite have just released the quarterly update of their 2022 Digital Report.

The opportunity to take stock of the latest data and trends on the web, social media, e-commerce, gaming, mobile, etc.

🌎 More and more connected

Internet users have increased 3.7% in the past 12 months, reaching 5.03 billion in July 2022.

The number of social media users has grown by 227 million over the past year, reaching 4.70 billion in early July 2022.

The global social media user base has grown by more than 5% in the past 12 months, with the latest global total now equaling 59% of the total population of the world.

🤓We are receiving more and more information on the web:

Moreover 4 out of 5 adults they are now informed via digital channels.

Internet users are now 2.5 times more likely to turn to social media for information than to print newspapers and magazines.

Almost half of the respondents cite Meta as the largest news platform, YouTube is in second place.

Meanwhile, the number of respondents claiming to use TikTok for news has nearly doubled from last year.

⏱ Time spent on social platforms:

The typical social platform user now spends 2 hours and 29 minutes a day on social media, which is roughly 75½ hours per month.

The average TikTok user outside of mainland China now spends nearly a full day (23.6 hours) each month using the platform’s Android app, placing it at the top of the latest rankings, according to Data. .have. (Sensor Tower even talks about 48 hours a month!).

This is revealed by the latest data published in Bytedance’s advertising resources TikTok ads now reach over one billion people ages 18 and up.

This means that TikTok ads now reach 22.9% of all adults, every month, outside of China.

☠️ No, Facebook is not dead:

Despite endless rumors of Facebook’s demise, Meta’s latest ad coverage data shows us that the app is doing very well.

Facebook’s global ad reach actually increased by 1.2% between April and June, bringing the platform’s total global advertising audience to 2.17 billion.

The platform’s total user rate also continues to grow, with monthly quarterly growth in active users of 0.8%.

Contrary to what one might think, the latest audience reach figures do not support the claim that “young people are leaving Facebook”.

The latest data on Facebook’s global ad reach shows that teen audiences continue to grow, with the platform registering 1.35 million users aged 13-19 between April and June 2022.

🚀 The rise of Snapchat, Telegram and Instagram Reels:

Telegram now has over 700 million monthly active users, about 200 million more active users in the last 18 months!

Telegram takes up the 2nd place in terms of growth monthly quarterly active users, ahead of all other social media platforms, including TikTok.

According to data released by the company, Snapchat’s advertising audience has increased by more than 100 million users over the same period last year, which equates to an annual growth of 20%.

Snapchat is especially popular in the Middle East, as well as in Northern and Western European countries.

Meta tools show that Facebook Reel ads can now reach 473.5 million users, while Instagram Reel ads can. reach 754.8 million users. (Facebook Reels Ads audience has grown by nearly 350 million users in the past three months, a whopping 279% increase.

The growth numbers for Instagram Reels are a little less spectacular, but the audience for this format has still increased by 68 million users, or + 9.9%, since April 2022)

💸 The mixed fortunes of cryptocurrency:

Despite the recent slump in Bitcoin and Ethereum valuations, data shows ownership of blockchain-based currencies continues to grow.

The number of people around the world who own cryptocurrencies has increased more than 50% in the last year alone.

Nearly 1 in 8 internet users of working age say they now own some form of cryptocurrency. Men are currently 60% more likely to own cryptocurrencies than women.

🤨 NFT … WTF?

The general level of awareness continues to rise, but most people still don’t understand what infamous NFTs are.

A recent Zeitgeist study conducted by GWI in 9 countries around the world found that more than two-thirds of people have at least heard of NFT, but fewer than 3 out of 10 people say they understand what NFTs really are.

More than a quarter of respondents said they believe NFTs are a form of cryptocurrency, indicating there is still a long way to go before they go mainstream …

There is little concrete data on how many people actually own an NFT, but one of the most commonly cited figures comes from a report published by the Financial Times, which indicates that approximately 360,000 people will own an NFT at the end of 2021.

NFT transactions are experiencing a significant slowdown: The number of blockchain wallets trading NFTs, both as buyers and sellers, fell by more than 50% in the first quarter of 2022.

The full report and further analysis are available in two parts here and here

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