OpenSea: the NFT platform will not support a possible fork of Ethereum (ETHW)

Once the infamous merger took place, the OpenSea NFT market said it will only support the proof-of-stake version of Ethereum. On September 1, the company said it had decided to only support NFTs on the PoS chain, the new and improved version of Ethereum.

OpenSea plans to exclusively support #NFTs based on the Proof Of Stake version of the #Ethereum blockchain once the merger is complete. The Marketplace has stated that ETHPoW items will not be supported on OpenSea. #ProofOfStake #Marketplace #NFT

In order to ensure a seamless transition to Proof-of-Stake, OpenSea has also prepared for this.

Circle and Chainlink have also stated that they will only support the PoS version of Ethereum. According to a statement, there can only be one version of USDC that is a trusted asset on Ethereum.

Please note that the Merge is an upgrade that will allow the Ethereum network to completely switch to the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, proof of participation. It should take place between 10 and 20 September according to Vitalik Buterin. co-founder of ETH.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts expect the final merger to go smoothly, as it has already passed several successful tests.

The port now uses the polygon

On its Seaport open source market protocol, OpenSea has declared support for Polygon. Additionally, they revealed that it will support Klayton and other EVM-compatible channels in the coming months.

#Seaport, the platform protocol @offshorewill host the sidechain @ 0xPolygon. Users will be able to settle their transactions in $ MATIC. According to the company, new blockchains will be added in the coming months 👇

Users will experience a number of benefits from Polygon’s support. These include, among others, the removal of listing thresholds, the activation of transactions in MATIC, the authorization of numerous creation fees, mass transfers and auctions in English and Dutch. Bids now have a $ 1 low instead of the previous $ 5 low.

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Seaport is a smart contract for creating and executing orders securely and efficiently for Ethereum ERC 721 and ERC 1155 assets.

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