Instagram now integrates NFTs – Community fears the worst

A little problem with your NFT? – Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has shown its charm for several months NFT. Therefore, the company has just added the possibility of publish your precious NFTs on Facebook and Instagram. A feature that raises some questions in terms of security.

Several years have passed since then Half and its various branches are trying to enter the cryptocurrency ecosystem. His first attempt, now unsuccessful, was to create a specific cryptocurrency for Facebook. After several brand changes, the project was finally abandoned in front of the regulator pressure.

Eventually, after this failure and in the face of the enthusiasm encountered by NFTs, Meta decided to do so change slot doubling the non-fungible tokens.

At the beginning of August the president of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg announced the distribution of NFT on its flagship social network, instagram. Therefore, users from over 100 countries now have the option to use their NFTs as their profile picture.

More recently, it was the turn of Facebook to host NFT. Thus, on August 29, Meta announced theintroduction NFT on Facebook. It is therefore possible connect your wallet to Facebook or Instagram to share your NFTs on social networks.

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Of course, adding these features isn’t without its share of questions in terms of private life.

Therefore, we already share a lot of information with Meta, both via Facebook and Instagram. From now on, Meta will be able to do it too to spy on its users’ wallets after linking them to your account.

An advantage to better classify the profiles of each user based on their income.

At a time when many activists are advocating a GAFAM refusalwe really want give our information related to cryptocurrencies to the latter?

Furthermore, Facebook is far from being an extremely secure platform for our data. As @PicacKc pointed out, Facebook is behind many data leaks During last years. Adding that she doesn’t think ” entrusting digital objects to be linked to Meta is intelligent“.

Facebook and the problem of data leaks – Source: Twitter.

Sharing your NFT rhyme with a security concern?

In addition, this new feature introduces important safety issues. Indeed, as several Internet users on Twitter have pointed out, this could be envious.

“It’s great for adoption. But isn’t it just as dangerous? Imagine posting on your personal account that you own a rare NFT worth millions of dollars … “

The inherent dangers of NFT sharing – Source: Twitter.

In fact, many are stories of aggression it is motivated by holding cryptocurrencies. In fact, many users on Twitter show off their precious NFTs. However, the latter are for the most part much more anonymousthan on Facebook.

Meta is not the only large company to have taken the NFT shift . Thus, other brands such as Nikethey reaped significant profits through NFT. In total,Nike’s NFT sales revenue reached $ 185 million.

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