Roblox virtual makeup trends are influencing beauty brands in the Metaverse

The Roblox virtual makeup may be all the rage, but gamers’ obsession with digital avatar customization has real-world implications. Major beauty brands such as Nars and Nyx pay close attention to how users interact with beauty-focused avatar products within the metaverse and analyze the impact of these activities on profits. And all of this is influencing the strategies that make up a broader digital beauty revolution, reports Vogue Business.

According to Winnie Burke, head of fashion and beauty partnerships at Roblox, robloxians are dedicated to virtual makeup because beauty is an important part of personal expression in sandbox games.

“Our users see their avatars as an extension of their true identity,” he says. Burke says one in five Roblox users updates their avatar daily, which includes trying out a new virtual makeup.

The Vogue article also references a 2022 Accenture global survey which stated that 48% of respondents are interested in purchasing virtual makeup within 12 months. Furthermore, 38% of respondents have already made a purchase.

Big brands like Backup, Nyx and YSL Beauty are experimenting with emerging metaverse technologies including branded virtual worlds, web3, blockchain and NFT. However, other beauty brands are looking to take advantage of existing metaverse spaces like Roblox, where fashion and beauty trends are a big part of the platform’s appeal.

For example, Nars Color Quest allows users to apply virtual makeup to be shared in an in-app social feed. Additionally, the recent Gucci Flora by Gucci fragrance launch event at Roblox is a testament to the role that metaverse activations can play in enabling these brands to interact with their audiences in new ways.

“We are in a phase where we are seeing a lot of really exciting trials among early adopters of this space,” says Burke. Speaking specifically of the brand experiences within Roblox, he notes: “[I]it is clear that when brands are successful, value [of Web3 activations] it is important and far-reaching.

While it’s good to see so much experimentation and the future looks bright, it’s still relatively early to tell the true potential of beauty brands using metaverse spaces to engage their audiences beyond traditional advertising and social media. Yet with so many little-explored potential avenues of engagement, such as VR / AR makeup applications and virtual color personalization, there seem to be plenty of opportunities for real-life beauty brands to transcend their identity. leader in digital beauty. revolution within the metaverse.

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