According to The Verge, Meta plans to integrate paid features into WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook

PARIS, September 1st (Benin News / EP) –

Half is launching a new list of paid products for its messaging and social media platforms WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, according to an internal note seen by The Verge.

The media reviewed a document in which the company indicates that this work will be done by the team of New monetization experiences and will be led by former trademark research manager, Pratiti RayChoudhury.

Furthermore, in this file, the rennological society mainly suggests that it will begin work on a series of paid functionality on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, without determining what they will be or when he plans to test them.

The Verge points out that Meta’s revenue currently comes mostly from advertising, although it already has some paid features, but these aren’t a priority in its services.

For now, this would be the main source of income, as suggested by the vice president of this area, John Hegeman, in the statements provided by this media, who pointed out that the Meta does not plan to offer users the ability to remove paid ads.

“I think we see opportunities to create new types of products, features and experiences that people would be willing to pay for and excited about,” he said.

So far, it’s unclear what new payment features the manufacturer hopes to introduce into its services, although Meta expects them to become … a “big enough” part. in his business.

It should be remembered that currently the administrators of some Facebook groups can already charge for access to exclusive content. you can buy “Stars” (“Stars”) to send them to specific content creators.

WhatsApp also charges some businesses for offering them the ability to message their customers and Instagram. plans to introduce Instagram subscriptionsa paid subscription service that provides access to exclusive live images or videos from selected content creators on the social network.

It’s also worth noting that Meta announced developments in monetization options on Facebook and Instagram for content creators a few months ago, including a new Marketplace and the opening of … Bonus reels to more people.

Then, the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that these Facebook and Instagram creators shouldn’t have to share a portion of their revenue with the platforms. until 2024.

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