La Crêpe Vegan, Jonathan Ohayon’s gourmet bet in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, French entrepreneur Jonathan Ohayon set himself a challenge: to seduce Americans with vegan pancake recipes. Prejudice healthy and ethics that should lead to the opening of a first restaurant this year.

In recent months, crepe has been all the rage in Los Angeles. In the East Hollywood neighborhood, opposite the Besties Vegan Paradise vegan grocery store, the La Crêpe Vegan kiosk is set up every Sunday with, at the crepes maker, Frenchman Jonathan and his wife Sucely in aprons with the Eiffel Tower motif. , to serve you.

I have been vegan for 8 years and worried about all ethical and animal suffering issuesexplains Jonathan Ohayon. It started with fashion, collaborating with my father and brother around a leather goods brand, Arsayo, which I wanted to develop vegan and ethical. Hence creating the FALSE (Fashion for the animal kingdom and the environment), a movement that promotes the vegan spirit through events. The day a customer was let go by his supplier, I came up with the idea of ​​offering pancakes! And it took off right away.

Vegan and organic

Remembering his years in catering and his experience in a Parisian creperie, Jonathan Ohayon imagines his first recipes. ” With La Crêpe Vegan we wanted to convince our customers of the need to give up any animal ingredient and their much more digestible character. No eggs in our dough recipes, margarine instead of butter, soy milk, oats or chickpeas to replace cow’s milk and wheat or buckwheat flour. All of our pancakes are also organic. A real bet that took time but of which we are proud today! “.

On the La Crêpe Vegan menu, the traditional sugar crepe is available to take away, hot, gourmet and perfectly sweet. ” Lreal test for the French of Los Angeles who want to find the good recipe of their childhood, Jonathan continues. For the rest, it is a happy mix between America and France. No dark chocolate or chestnut cream on the menu, but crepes with peanut butter, organic chocolate, “biscuit and cream” and the star of the house: the “Strawberry Crepe prepared with strawberry jam, real strawberries and a cream based on cashews, soy milk and vanilla. “

Restaurant in Los Angeles or Redondo Beach

In the savory version, the house distills its crepes with buckwheat flour and mushrooms, a “mushroom crepe” based on basil pesto, pine nuts, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and tempeh (food product based on fermented soybeans , originally from Indonesia) which reproduces the flavor of bacon. ” With my naturopathic wife’s advice, a good salad to cover it all, and you’re ready to digest perfectly.

Jonathan Ohayon now dreams of opening his own restaurant. ” Between Los Angeles and Redondo Beach, my heart swings, but the first opportunity that presents itself, I won’t hesitate! I have an entrepreneurial soul. And everything is much easier here in the United States. “. Pending the opening, the young entrepreneur continues his activities in the metaverse, and hopes to complete his first book on ethical fashion by the end of the year.” I do 1000 things at once, that’s how I am.

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