An ad for an online bank wants to appeal to the French

With three free banking offers ea average cost of € 7.79 per year, Boursorama Banque allows his 4 million customers to make monstrous savings. It would be like this every year 1 billion euros that online banking customers would generate savings compared to other banks.

These figures refer to average bank charges of 219 euros in France, according to several organizations including UFC-Que Choisir. Unlike Boursorama, traditional banks practice still very high prices and the abyss is important. But not all online banks follow the same low price logic. Some don’t hesitate to show high prices.

Even the Neobanks, previously completely free, are increasingly relying on subscriptions of around 10 euros per month (or more) to take advantage of all their services and increasingly premium bank cards. Ultimately, Boursorama Banque is the least expensive bank in France for the 14th consecutive year.

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An advertising campaign for the occasion

With the start of the school year and the inflationary environment, with ever higher energy costs, the French have lost much of their purchasing power. Boursorama Banque wants to take advantage of this to launch a advertising campaign where the focus will be “Very concrete illustrations of daily savings” realized thanks to their subscription to online banking.

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The posters therefore refer to the number of batches of a given product as a equivalent to savings in bank charges. There is gasoline (122 liters of bank expenses saved), pasta packages (124 packages saved), coffee (57) and corn (148).

Marketing teams explain these product choices by the fact that customer savings would represent the total consumption of pasta, coffee and corn combined in one year.

The commercials will be broadcast on M6, on digital posters, in print and on display throughout the month of September. Boursorama Banque is used to paying large sums for his communication. Three years ago, he recruited Brad Pitt. Total budget: between 5 and 6 million euros.

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In a press release announcing the start of the ad campaign, Boursorama Banque gave more details. The plant mentioned its other low-cost products. In addition to the checking account or joint account, customers can save on other products and services available at the first French online bank

Boursorama therefore highlights its personal loan offers (unlike a new bank, credit is available from online banking), its free brokerage products with Boursomarket (warrants, certificates, ETFs, OPCs, FCPI / FIP, Crownfunding real estate) but also its The Corner market where discounts are offered to many merchants.

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