personalizing your own fashion has become possible!

A brilliant idea is in the air of the metaverse. Genies Studios, a project by Avatars Genies Studios, is available for creative minds. Metaverse users are about to enjoy some kind of locker room for their avatars. The tool is aimed at stylists and anyone with an avatar.

With the avatar being the first user representative in the metaverse, tools like Genies Studios are needed. This project has several advantages that will not only benefit the world fashion. We are entering a revolutionary era for metaverse avatars in general. Focus on this web3 innovation.

Genies launches Genies Studios

Genies Studios is a fashion design studio for avatar. The studio consists of all the digital tools necessary for this purpose. The creators use it in the studio to create the right outfits for their avatars. The tools are also used to create unique pieces. Each creation is presented in the form of an NFT.

The studio also serves celebrities across the Metaverse. The appearances of known heads on the web3 will benefit from the magic of geniuses. Marco Zuckerberg should definitely consider developing a collaboration with the studio for its next web3 appearances.

The advantages of this project

This project brings together experienced creators. At the same time, the project recruits young and new talents. The first big advantage for all creators is the full ownership of their creation. Those who create to resell can then fully transfer their right of ownership to the buyers. They can also claim royalties on their NFTs.

The study also provides an ecological advantage to this project. In fact, the ecosystem runs on a less energy-intensive blockchain. Then users can purchase an entire creation or collection to be made with the studio’s DIY tool. Creators can still resell these spin-off creations on The Warehouse (Genie Studios marketplace).

Why fashion?

The creators already involved in the project are: Sgicreator, Illumitati and Kat Rose. These names appear in the fashion sphere all over the world. Several news channels such as Instagram talk about it. The choice was clear for the study. The media weight of these creators is sufficient to convey the main message of the project.

Genie Studios has chosen the field of avatar fashion to give web3 users the opportunity to express themselves through their own unique style. Genie creates a world of avatars on the web3. Through their avatars, blockchain users are free to create a parallel world.

The presence of this second world is both playful and liberating. It is an alternative expression and platform for attendees. Give avatars the ability to customize your look down to the smallest detail it is important to give a more tangible dimension to this virtual world. This is one of the reasons Genie Studios wanted to explore the fashion sphere.

This project pushes the NFT universe to another level.


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