Xbox doesn’t sympathize at all

Phil Spencer, the current head of the Microsoft Xbox games company, is optimistic about the Metaverse. However, he remains very cautious about P2E games due to economic and speculative aspects, among other reasons. In fact, during an official interview, he hinted that many players are still not happy with the current concept of the Metaverse, but by his definition they have been playing it for decades. Although he is optimistic, we still see that he is not quite convinced of the cause of P2E games, like the publishers of Minecraft; and here are the details.

The concept of P2E games has been criticized

As more and more companies become interested in and open up to the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model and the mechanics behind it, Mr. Spencer has been more open to this new trend and, at the same time, is very hesitant. In fact, in an interview, the Xbox boss criticized the purpose of play-to-earn games, saying he is very suspicious of play-to-earn. According to him, it creates work for some players and allows others to earn it, but finds that using this type of technology is like a hammer looking for a nail.

Despite his words, the Microsoft boss believes that the future use of this technology could lead to something interesting. The technology, which has gained some popularity with blockchain games like Ax Infinity, has yet to reach consoles like Sony’s Xbox and PlayStation 5, but we can all hope for a turnaround. At the moment, even though P2E games are becoming more and more popular, they will only be very limited on Xbox and GTA 6 will be part of the party.

What Phil Spencer thinks of the Metaverse

In an interview with Bloomberg, Phil Spencer acknowledged that the metaverse is not new and has been associated with what gamers have been doing for some time. He explained that players have been preparing for the metaverse for 30 years. In fact, according to him, when you play 3D video games, which gamers have been doing for years, there is an additional connection created by a common goal.

He made it clear that players can be confused by the idea of ​​the metaverse, because having an avatar in a game and being part of a digital world where voice communication is in the market can be seen as living there. Mr. Spencer mentioned that World of Warcraft may be considered one of the very first P2E games, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be able to play a large panel of play-to-earn games on consoles. .


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