A new “credit mafia” attacks over-indebted families

Of Fayza Senhaji on 04/09/2022 at 20:44 (updated on 04/09/2022 at 20:54)

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Kiosk360. Taking advantage of the delicate financial situation of some families, people offer their services on social networks, promising to allow access to victims who are not entitled to a bank loan. This article is a press review of the Assabah newspaper.

These are chilling revelations, but above all they remind us that some criminals are showing ingenuity to implement new schemes aimed at making more and more victims. The latter are, this time, over-indebted families who are unable to make ends meet and continually need new loans.

This is Assaba, which publishes these revelations in its issue of Monday 5 September, is very interested in a new phenomenon that is spreading on social networks, that of the “credit mafia”, as the newspaper calls it.

Indeed, the detail of this case shows how easy prey the financially vulnerable people can be for these criminal networks. In this case, write Assaba, Mainly teachers, public employees and other families who have already signed one or more credits and who want to use other loans because they can no longer manage them are targeted.

For many, their financial situation, debt level or banking profile no longer allows them to access new loans from banks. But that’s not a problem, promise announcements on social networks. The “credit mafia” has solutions for every case. In fact, as the newspaper explains, this mafia resorts to criminal practices, including suspicious banking operations, falsification of documents or even the use of a banking activity that only accredited credit institutions are authorized to carry out. It promises to reduce the amount of the drafts already committed to a bank, the extension of the loan repayment period, or even the granting of new credits even if the customer is not eligible.

As also reported Assaba, the network behind these fraudulent practices has no headquarters, but is satisfied with the telephone numbers published with their ads, therefore with the appointments given to customers in bars or public spaces. This mafia has even given itself the means to succeed in its coup, mobilizing capital that allows it to carry out some of its operations. In some cases, it does not hesitate to buy back the loans taken out by the same customers, in exchange for guarantee checks and, above all, the commitment to pay them amounts far greater than what is due to the banks. Suffice it to say that well-refined schemes are implemented by this “credit mafia” which, without a doubt, is already being investigated by the bodies concerned. But, waiting for it to be put out of danger, vigilance is needed.

By Fayza Senhaji

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