MEDZ launches “Services Plus”, its new offering dedicated to retail and service activities

B.Benefiting from a privileged position within all MEDZ industrial parks in Morocco, “Services plus” strengthens the reception infrastructures covering the supply of industrial and logistic land.

In this regard, Omar Elyazghi, Chairman of the Management Board of MEDZ specifies that “this offer satisfies both the needs of the companies located in our parks offering them on-site services, and those of operators looking for business opportunities in a competitive context.

And to add: “It also aims to consolidate the industrial ecosystems developed in these parks by integrating value chains and the emergence of activities and services that create value and jobs”.

Please note that the “Service +” offer includes 3 components:

Spacious and modular offices for rent

The offer of office plans is aimed at all service professionals who wish to establish themselves in the immediate vicinity of their current or potential customers. The offices can host any type of service provision for producers, whether they are installed in the park or outside.

These spaces are offered for rent, inside the reception buildings of the MEDZ industrial parks. The office floors are modular, depending on the size desired by the customers, and can reach 450 square meters per floor, depending on the park.

Furthermore, MEDZ provides facility management services in all its parks, through a dedicated entity, in order to provide a professional working environment.

Commercial premises dedicated to various activities, for rent

The commercial premises offered by MEDZ are mainly housed on the ground floor of the reception buildings, for better accessibility. These buildings, which also house the teams responsible for managing the parks, aim to create a place of life and entertainment at the service of established companies.

The areas made available vary from about 20 to 600 m², depending on the park, and are intended for various activities such as catering services, banking and money transfer services, courier services, health services, retail trade, minimarket …

Lots of land for services and tertiary activities in an ideal position, for sale

“Service Plus” also includes plots of land for tertiary and commercial activities, ideally positioned on the façade, at the level of the main arteries of the parks and / or central islands, in order to offer great visibility to this type of building ‘activity. They enjoy a privileged location, close to customers and / or suppliers, and a pleasant environment with green spaces.

With areas ranging from 200 to 2.0000 m² (R + 3 to R + 5) depending on the portfolio, these lots can accommodate any type of service activities such as shopping malls, banks, training and research and development, schools, distribution platforms , local shops, etc.

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