Orange Bank presents Prêt Express, its new 100% digital loan, even simpler and faster

Orange Bank is changing its personal loan offering. Focused on the quality of the customer experience and on the integration of the latest technological innovations, the Espresso Loan also allows the bank to extend its business to new customers. With a production of almost 1 billion euros in loans in 2021, Orange Bank therefore intends to confirm its development momentum in consumer credit.

Accessible to as many people as possible, the express loan is open to both Orange Bank customers and non-customers. They are not required to open an Orange Bank account to take out the express loan.

The result of the technological partnership established with Next 40 Younited Fintech, the Express Loan also allows customers who wish to rely on the simplicity and fluidity of communication offered by open banking technologies. In 3 clicks, they can securely sync their banking information stored in another establishment. With many advantages at stake: accelerated processing of the request, supporting documents reduced to a minimum, greater chances of having the request accepted. This secure sharing allows them to obtain an immediate and personalized response with, if necessary, counter-proposals in line with their situation.

For customers as well as for the bank, the Express Loan is therefore part of a responsible relationship based on good risk control on both sides.

Speed ​​is at the heart of the customer experience. All subscription procedures can be done through the app. Orange Bank. They are also possible via the website. The course has been designed to be as simple as possible. On average, it takes only 5 minutes, from the start to the electronic signature of the contract, if the customer has opted for the bank aggregation. The underwriting of the borrower’s insurance is also simplified and enriched.

For customers it is therefore the guarantee of a smooth and fast journey, with 0 cards, 0 postal delays, and all the comforts from their mobile phone, tablet or computer. With a trusted actor recommended by users: Orange Bank was voted Best App. Bank 2022 of Moneyvox1 and their service is rated Excellent on Trustpilot.

Funding from € 1,000 to € 75,000 makes it possible to support a wide variety of projects:

Life projects
Life projects
  • Car: purchase of a car or motorcycle (new or used), camper, electric or hybrid vehicle.
  • Works: financing of decoration, renovation, etc.
  • Life projects: travel, studies, marriage …

To make the most of your possibilities and optimize the acceptance of the practice, the loan can be contracted alone or in pairs. The co-borrower can also take out borrower insurance. After that, the customer will have the option from his app. monitor the evolution of your repayments month by month, download your financing plan and proceed on your own with the management documents: change your debit date; upward adjustment of the amount of your monthly payment; temporary suspension of its terms.

The express loan benefits from an attractive launch rate2 from 2.99% in April fixed3up to 48 months for loans over 6,000 euros.

“The integration of state-of-the-art technological solutions in our credit offers will lead us to offer concrete advantages to our customers: credit accessible to as many people as possible, high acceptance rates, smoother and faster processes … bank consultants and experts will now have new tools to provide answers even better suited to the needs of our clients “, adds Stéphane Vallois, Deputy CEO of Orange Bank.

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1 OpinionWay survey for MoneyVox conducted from 27/09/21 to 15/10/21 on a sample of 5,010 French people in the bank recruited from a representative sample of the French population aged 18 or over.

2 From 30/08 to 09/10/2022 inclusive.

3 Prices from 2.99% to 19.90% April (effective annual rate).

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