Roblox, the new line of cosmetics plays smart! It makes itself known in the metaverse

Soundly CEO and founder Blake Cadwell pointed out the lack of inclusiveness of hearing aid wearers on Roblox. Cadwell’s stance on hearing aid wearers has paid off. Now Roblox is highlighting a new line of cosmetics.

The platform provides an entire line of hearing aids for avatars who need them. This form of inclusiveness gives Roblox more credibility. If the platform registers more than 100 million players every month, the project in collaboration with Soundly is expected to increase the number of its subscribers.

If the major brands how Yves Saint Laurent beauty they are in the metaverse, even the representatives of the sanitary accessories should have a place there.

Support for children

Blake Cadwell has personally used hearing aids since he was 30. If he were to create an avatar, it would be more fun for him to be able to choose between different hearing aid designs and colors. Cadwell also compared the case of hearing aid players with those wearing glasses, to emphasize the lack of representation of those with hearing problems.

In fact, the avatar dressing room includes different models and colors of glasses on Roblox, which is not the case with hearing aids. Nevertheless, children with hearing problems are also on Roblox. This lack of representation creates who has and who has not. Cadwell emphasized this lack of representation in a general context.

Young people should benefit from greater awareness of hearing aids. Celebrities don’t wear them, you don’t see them in magazines. It will be necessary to do differently in the metaverse to reverse the trend. Cadwell’s intervention on these observations paid off. Roblox users now have a variety of hearing aid models.

The project on the track

Why represent people who wear hearing aids? WHO data reveals 34 million children with hearing problems worldwide. Cadwell believes the number is self-explanatory for the launch of the collaborative project between Soundly, Day One Agency and 3D modeler Roblox 0929lego.

The hearing aid models created for this project borrow a playful design in keeping with the Roblox vibe. It would be 6 conceptual lines. Not only is inclusivity the order of the day in the Roblox community, but also at the level of hearing impaired players, considering everyone’s preferences.

Gamers can now get these hearing aids on Roblox for 50 Roblux a pair. This initiative by Soundly would have extended the echoes of him into the real world as well. The project is on track and aims to benefit IRL patients from a reduction in the price of hearing aids. Once again, the metaverse is to the rescue of the real world.

This metaverse news reveals the inclusive side of this virtual universe. The metaverse is not a world of supermodel and celebrities. It’s not just for cryptocurrency fanatics and investors. Everyone is welcome here.


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