Rug Pull Finder – The NFT audit facility victim of a vulnerability exploitation

Some ads aren’t necessarily good, even for those whose goal is to navigate any kind of visibility. Especially when it comes under the realm of what could be summed up as ” the listener operated“. An a priori impossible formulation, in any case before the emergence of DeFi and the number of its attacks steadily increasing since its inception. Because even with more checks, bugs and other exploits follow each other with tens of millions of dollarsS. A specificity that the NFT sector seems determined to compete. With the almost comical launch of the bad guys collection of the very (in) rightly named project Find floor mats.

The NFT market has become the target of many scams of all kinds. With an estimated loot of over $ 100 million stolen since the beginning of this year. And frightening figures showing none other than 90% of the owners of these digital images with random rarities are victims of this type of fraudulent operation. But fortunately, the players of this ecosystem are taking matters into their own hands … or not!

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90% of NFT holders have already been scammed

Hugh B. – April 26, 2022 – 9am

The NFT market has grown over a year […]


Because the NFT community is trying to get organized. In particular with the establishment of monitoring and / or audit structures in order to determine good projects from those to be avoided at all costs. But of course, this inside fight still needs some tweaking from the good guys. A reality that has just entered into a violent collision the Rug Pull Finder project at the launch of his collection Bad guys, meant to make fun of scammers in the NFT industry. Oops …

The bad guys: the NFT collection

The case began late last week, with the official launch of the project whitelist Bad guys. 1221 characters with random rarities representing NFT industry cheaters in ironic and humorous situations. But of course the joke was (very) short-lived. Because the irony shown quickly turned against the Rug Pull Finder structure at the origin of this initiative. The latter presented himself on his Twitter account as “the first source of information and requests from the community on NFT projects”. And at the origin of the audits for some actors in this ecosystem.

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NFT vs Phishing – How to Identify and Avoid Potential Scams?

Hugh B. – June 07, 2022 – 3pm

NFT holders have become prime targets for scams […]


Because when activating sales reserved for VIP members of your whitelist, a bug has arrived to ruin the party. Indeed, as the Rug Pull Finder team quickly recognized, the code for this operation had not been verified by an independent organization. With the immediate result, an exploitation of this flaw by two clever kids, not even hackers. And finally, the purchase of 450 NFTs in total while the number was limited to one per address.

We were wrong. We made a big mistake. Our contract had a loophole that allowed 2 people to recover over 450 NFTsS. “

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Bad Guys – Rug Pull Finder redeems their NFTs

In this case, the main victim remains the Rug Pull Finder project, which will have to recover from this obvious loss of credibility. Because the 366 NFTs purchased improperly will be returned, upon agreement with the two whitelist profiteers. This while specifying that it is no longer a hack but an operation carried out by scammers. One last point on which everyone will decide. Because this initiative presented as simply “lucrative” has it anyway was conducted against the rest of the project community and Bad Guys.

We made a deal with the wallets that took advantage of the contract, agreeing to pay them 2.5 ETH to buy the remaining 366 NFTs. While they have found an advantage, it is not about a hack or scammers. They found a bug and used it for profit. “

Find floor mats

Will all this ultimately be just effective – even if it remains negative – publicity for the Bad Guys project? With a minimum price currently pointing to 0.03 ETH at the time of this writing. Or the planned end of a stillborn project, following a critical failure of its initiators? The question remains open only a few days after this operation, which can be defined as disastrous.

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