Web3Games plans to develop next generation blockchain games

By harnessing the potential of NFTs and decentralized finance, Web3Games is able to provide a next-generation gaming ecosystem.

Created in June 2021, Web3Games has a proven track record of partnering with Alibaba, the world’s largest online B2B commerce platform, to offer their unique product NFT through one of their brands. Building on this success and having secured a $ 4 million grant, Web3Games will soon launch its IDO (cryptocurrency token offering) on ​​DaoMaker. The goal is to launch an integrated platform for blockchain games that provides a number of solutions, such as blockchain networks, development frameworks and tools for developers to manage games and players to play their games.

The vision of KK Chen, founder of Web3Games, is to give players back the digital ownership of gaming products:

I am also a gamer and understand the problems of traditional games. Many games delete all player information after the servers are permanently shut down. It is all the memories and achievements of the players that fly away. It makes me understand the importance of digital ownership.

The development of web games 3.0

Web3Games helps developers navigate the transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0 with its API-as-a-service protocol, specifically designed to help businesses seamlessly integrate into the blockchain. The protocol allows developers to easily access and distribute on-chain resources, such as NFTs and game tokens, and offers high efficiency and low cost for embedded games on Web 3.0. Through the Web3Games protocol, game developers have the freedom to access and distribute resources on the blockchain, encouraging inexperienced game studios to take the plunge by greatly simplifying the process. KK Chen’s company has a mission to lower the barriers to entry into the world of web 3.0, simplify blockchain integration for developers, and attract players with top-notch products. Web3Games delivers on the promise of greater accessibility and convenience offered by web 3.0 by creating a complete gaming ecosystem, hub and support system for players and creators.

Web3Games games

In addition to attracting developers, Web3Games also works hard to attract gamers. Web3Games has developed its studios as a hub to promote emerging blockchain games and digital culture by attracting developers who have worked on successful licensing such as Call of Duty and Diablo. Their experience and talent are seen as a key attraction for new players. Web3Games Studios is preparing to launch more than six games by the end of the year: a match-3 battle game (CryptoEmpire), an NFT poker game (W3POKER), a tower defense game (Guardians of Arcanum) and a music game (DEBEATS).

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