a strategic partnership to accelerate banking innovation in North Africa

Backbase and VDS: a strategic partnership to accelerate banking innovation in North Africa

Help banks take advantage of new, cutting-edge technologies so they can continue to respond to changing market conditions and customer demand. In exchange, giving these customers access to a wide range of innovative banking and payment products, adapted to their current and future needs: this is the goal of the strategic partnership just concluded between Backbase, an international leader in the field of digital banking. and Tunisian fintech Value Digital Services (VDS), a company digital native which provides a wide range of services ranging from data analysis and digitization to AI (artificial intelligence).

This partnership will strengthen the position of both companies in the North African market. This collaboration allows Backbase and VDS to leverage their respective technologies and services to accelerate the growth of digital banking in African banking segments.

Backbase provides solutions from B to B has nearly 150 international financial institutions, including AIB, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citibank, Société Générale. In Tunisia and North Africa it recently partnered with BIAT and OneTech Business Solutions, to encourage innovation in the banking sector, revolutionize the customer experience and facilitate financial inclusion thanks to its digital solutions. Backbase is the publisher of the Engagement Banking platform, a versatile platform, suitable for all sectors of the Bank. Backbase received the award for the most innovative mobile solution at Africa Pay & ID Expo 2022, last June in Casablanca.

“Backbase wants to enter new markets in Africa and continue to build a customer-centric banking world,” said Aymen Daoud, Regional Head of North and West Africa at Backbase. “Backbase’s engagement banking platform now has a new foothold in a key French-speaking region. Through our partnership with VDS, we are ready to accelerate the implementation of the best of our products for the benefit of local players.”

As a “digital native” company supporting BIAT’s digital transformation, VDS, for its part, is well placed to leverage its unrivaled knowledge of the markets in Tunisia and North Africa.

“We are very proud of our partnership with Backbase. They have an incredible network of exceptional services and partners across Africa and around the world,” said Ahmed Lasram, Chief Operating Officer of Value Digital Service. “With the help of Backbase, we will create even more relevant innovative digital solutions tailored to our customers, while reducing implementation costs and time-to-market.”

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